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Your 3-day Open Up

Breathwork Experience

We offer an exclusive 3-day retreat for individuals who want to experience a pioneering approach in breath work to explore the transformative potential in a safe environment. The profound experiences can give you the opportunity to live life of greater love, truth, authenticity and freedom. To create your experience, we will carefully modulate the following conditions, each of which plays an essential role in every breathwork journey:

  • Set. The mental attitude to prepare and ground ourselves for the experience.

  • Setting. The surroundings in which a breathwork journey is facilitated.

  • Practice. Various breathwork techniques and a series of psychological and meditative techniques to enter a profound process of self-exploration. These involve 1-2-1, group and solo activities, inquiry, group sharing, active meditations and transformational techniques.

  • Guidance. A team experienced with non-ordinary states of consciousness to help navigate your experience and stimulate and nourish your breakthroughs (Read more about our team of coaches.)

  • Session. Full breathwork journeys (inspired on Holotropic Breathwork) including all activities and rituals.

  • Integration. Facilitated practices to prepare for your return, and integrate your experience.

Come back to the Body

This 3-day experiential retreat takes you deep into the quality of your being - to grace your self with time to feel and heal what is seeking our attention, inside and out. We will engage with our body, intellect and intuition, and expand our heart's energy to grow our understanding and connection to our innate being. The retreat is open to people completely new to breath work, and can be a homecoming for many inspired by the practice.

We will engage in simple and truthful ways with our nature - quieting down the regular, superficial chitchat of social interaction and tune in to our inner listening. Grounding our experience in the body through resourcing, learning to recognise, respond and reset (re-direct) yourself to self-care. It is a weekend of connection and expansion where we offer a direct experience of integrating our shadow, our truth from the inside, out to meet a deeper sense of depth and aliveness

The group will be led by founder Katrien Franken with a skilled team of assistants. With a conscious approach, full support and presence from our stellar team - we hope to give you the best experience. All who join are invited to participate in the wider discussion and explorations to start sharing a vision to catalyse a genuine change in consciousness, together. 

Be notified via email for updates on our retreats

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Your Experience

  •  Breath work: Access flow states through deep connected breathing. Increase your somatic, emotional and social intelligence and release tension and trauma from the body and mind with awareness to the felt sense. This weekend offers four full breath work journeys inspired on Holotropic Breathwork in combination with breath awareness and focussed breathing techniques.

  • Self-inquiry: Enter into a profound transformational space with one another and with shared reality, through intimate circles of attuning and dialoguing, to explore, harvest and reflect our deepest truth from the heart while being witnessed and mirrored by others. 

  • Movement and meditation: Solo, paired, trio, small group and large group practices, psychological and meditative techniques. 


  • Resourcing and integration: Through the facilitated preparation and integration practices we will ​develop a somatic sense of safety and trust - and open to our emotions and feelings. From this place we learn how enter curiosity instead of judgment, compassion instead of impatience, love instead of avoidance, truth instead of strategies, and presence instead of control. 


How much does the retreat cost?

The retreats are starting Friday at 14.00 and concluding Sunday afternoon. Travel to and from the venue in Havelte (NL) is not included. 

The costs for a 3-day retreat is: € 595. This includes

  • Delicious vegan food from seasonal produce.

  • 2 night of accommodation in a beautiful venue in nature.

  • The price also includes local VAT. 

On request an invoice can be send. Please note that by invoice 21% VAT will be added. The price for organisations is € 750 excluding local VAT.

For who is it for?



The retreats are aimed at people in good physical and mental health, and inspired to have courageous explorations, conversations and learnings in service of our individual and collective well-being and growth.


The retreat is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic care. Please read the Contra-indications

for breath work on the FAQ page to make sure it is right for you.


No prior experience is needed although we recommend joining a group session, or scheduling a private session with Katrien before coming to the retreat. For more info please get in touch.


Arrival day.

Aim to arrive between 13.00 and the latest at 13.30. 

Departure day.

The retreat finishes on the Sunday around 15.00.

We kindly request you to respect these arrival and departure times, so as not to miss important parts of the programme. If you have special circumstances, please get in touch.​​​

Application and Retreat Process

Step 1

Booking and Application

Step 2

Review of Application

Step 3

Retreat Experience

Step 4


We might need to arrange a call for further details about your 

application. All being well, you will receive your booking information and venue details to prepare for the retreat. 

We'll welcome you at the venue for the retreat, which will take place over the course of 3 days.


Your integration process happens on the retreat and can continue after the retreat. The facilitator(s) will be available for individual follow up sessions and check-ins.


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