Open Up is a breathwork institute, founded in 2015 by Katrien Franken, and born from a firm conviction that personal innovation can create and catalyzes holistic solutions for global problems.


Today, we harness the power of collective action through an evolving ecosystem of projects aimed at personal growth and social transformation.

We curate, develop & advance breathwork as a therapeutic modality that can facilitate this through a psycho-active practice and learning, in a body orientated process.  

We take this inner practice also non-profit into the largest refugee camps in Africa, and unravel the neurobiological and psychological effects of conscious connected breathing in scientific research. Building foundations for what is possible in exploring new understandings of human healing potential.​

The practice of controlled breathing allows people to transform an unconscious process into a powerful tool for growth, creativity and emotional maturity.


In places and processes of Open Up, we root ourselves in the present moment, curiosity, and integrity; to open up new places of power and responsivity; to make space for the unknown; to help open our vital connections with ourselves, others and the nature. 

Open Up is also a form of therapy; a research inquiry; alive learning education, which is becoming part of the cutting-edge of conversations for radical social change.

We encourage an experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of discoveries and insights for our mutual growth, joy and enrichment where something truly creative can arise. Emergent curriculum: nothing is fixed or final here. 



In order to open up, you must generously engage with the unknown. Katrien's work is an expression of assembled studies, longings, learnings, projects, collaborations, and experiments and experience of 20 years at the edges of our evolutionary growth.

Katrien guides change-makers of the future and has applied her inner growth development background and breathwork across multidisciplinary projects and for organisations, institutions, activists, refugees, leaders, policy-makers, and communities.



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Inspire. Connect. Transform

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Come flow with the motion of the interrelational

Between eternity and nothing lives Open Up; an emergent space,  transversing; situated across; side by side, relative to some hopeful defined "forward" direction.

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Open Up


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We believe that inner and social change are connected. This is the start of how social innovation can contribute to transformation for the good of all. We believe that we will thrive in the long run because we integrate social change into our core business, and understand that the best way to do so is through engaging with social action change. We are working at the forefront of it.