Foundations for transformative innovation and alive learning education, breathing and leading the inquiry to responsivity, movement and activism


Our work is a research inquiry and form of therapy; alive learning, for engaging the vibrancy of the world. We offer transformative breathwork experiences & curate projects, conversations and events that nurture senses of the unknown.

In places and processes of Open Up, we root ourselves in the discovery, curiosity, power, responsivity and integrity; to listen more deeply; making unconventional detours to provide and catalyze holistic solutions for global problems in the world that now is.


We engage with the inner dimensions of change and healing through psychotherapeutic breathwork. We are creating space for transformative learning that can increase our individual wellbeing & collective capacities to be leaders, change-makers and active co-creators of a hopeful direction for the human, and other-than-human world.

Since 2020 we have started to unravel the psychological

and neurobiological effects of conscious connected breathing in scientific research projects. Building a novel foundation for what is possible in exploring new understandings of human healing potential.

We believe that to truly know the world, we must look deeply within our own being. To truly know yourself, we must take real interest in the world. This is an infinite and profound practice that can change everything between us. 

We are inspired to work inter-culturally with others who can define our regenerative future. Our philanthropy work in Africa and co-creative projects are becoming part of the cutting-edge of conversations to foster radical cultural change.

We mobilize people into exploring the future of leadership, the future of education, and nurture practices that allow for compelling questions where something spontaneous, and truly creative can arise. 


Open is founded by Katrien Franken. She encourages an experiential and alive learning approach in order to facilitate the exchange of discoveries and ideas for our 

mutual growth, joy and enrichment. Emergent curriculum: nothing is fixed or final here. 

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Meet Katrien Franken

In order to open up, you must engage willingly with the unknown. Katrien founded Open Up in 2015 and is weaving the visions of the possible, exploring the edges of the intelligible, dancing with the breath into the mysteries and rupture, submerging into our reality, in the space between us. She holds space for the inner struggle to regain a sense of rootedness for making-human-possible. A process which she's developing and calls Alive Learning.


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Our Series

Inspire. Connect. Transform

Open Up


The Mycelium

Individual. Communitas. World.

Come flow with the motion of the interrelational.

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Between eternity and nothing lives Open Up.

An emergent space,  transversing; situated across; side by side, relative to some hopeful defined "forward" direction.

Independent Philanthropy

Open Up




Working at the forefront of regenerativity, activism, and social change. Our philanthropy becomes sustainable through the support of others who help to fund the development to create opportunities for a brighter future for people.