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Open Up is a growing community of people inspired to have courageous explorations, conversations and learnings with breathwork at the core, in a holistic approach for inner growth and self-healing.


We exist to create and co-create dynamic spaces for collaborative learning in action, and

hope to support and challenge individual and societal change through finding new ways of doing, sensing, and being. 

We want to generate and give access to be and become part of the change we are in. Our mission is to share wisdom in a wider vision through mutual learning experiences that fosters our connection and can enhance our sense-making capacities and responsibility for living a life of more meaning, integrity and beauty. Welcome!

We are dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and invite people to uncover their truth and wake up to the workings of life in the shadows in order to come into their power and presence.

​We encompasses a range of therapeutic best practices at the intersection of psychotherapy, neuroscience and spirituality, and explore the the nature and transformational effects of breathwork as therapy, Holotropic Breathwork in combination with inquiry, meditation, and other developed breathing techniques.

We hope to support deeply meaningful 

changes in people's lives and in society, and encourage an educational and experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discoveries for a mutual growth, understanding, and enrichment.

Open Up breathwork is a method of self-exploration and psychotherapy that takes people far beyond traditional cognitive therapies. 

In individual and collective experiences we expand and open through utilising the breath and inner system, and activate the natural inner healing intelligence and process of the psyche, bringing you in a particular set of internal experiences.

With the inner healing intelligence guiding, the quality and content brought forth are unique to each person in that particular time and place. It can be both liberating and exhilarating, but also challenging and is held within safety and guidance to move beyond intellectual understanding to an embodied place of deeper knowing.

Meet our


Katrien is a lead facilitator, holistic counselor, educator and social entrepreneur committed to creating a shift in our minds and our hearts on a collective scale. Her professional experience involves facilitation and development of projects aiming to bring momentum to the right kind of changes for individuals and in society. She bridges evolutionary thinking with embodied learning in experiential and therapeutic work in the overlap between psychotherapy, neuroscience and spiritual traditions, for more depth and meaning. 

Our Series

Cycle of Learning





Individual genius needs to synergie in collective scenius. 

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    Receive personal 1:1 guidance, breathwork & counseling of our founder Katrien. Her sessions and series deepen your capability, self-understanding and intuition to explore new possibilities for connection and growth, no matter where you are on your path in life. 

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    Our groups are often described as inspiring, transformative and life changing. Open Up has guided over 600 in-person groups and thousands of people in Europe.

  • Society

    We want to inspire organisations, teams and leaders to benefit from the power of their own breathing and create new motiva-tions through our core story and narratives, and learn to feel what leads us in the next step.

  • Individual

    Deep listening  &  Self Inquiry 

    Inquiry is one of the cornerstones of our practice at Open Up. It harnesses an intelligence which we combine with breath work and counseling. A transformative approach in self-exploration and deep listening. 

Our Social Impact &

Non-Profit Projects

We are an ever-evolving social organisation. A portion of our profits from our business activities is invested in the creation of projects for society, and to build funding for scholarships in all our processes. 

  • Future

    Imaginary World

    Dear Friend, we are living in an extraordinary time of systems learning, in a world and society that's looking and longing for change. This is a process of personal and social imagination and experimentation, to bring out the next future. What are the questions that we are living and moving into? How can we sensitise ourselves and taste a way of seeing and being that could take us to a way of life?


    This is an imperative time for artists, creators, thinkers, activists, explorers,   dreamers, and doers to become revolutionaries of everyday life, opening curiosity to the possibilities in a new world we envision. Programme starts in 2021.

  • Society

    Learning Politics 

    Open Up is working with politicians and wants to bring a broader conversation and exploration for new ways of engaging as humans in politics. We work with people who have agency and power in the current systems, and love to support millennials.


    Our ambition is to build a critical mass, expanding our circles of conscious development and the importance of personal responsibility for unlocking polarised conversations, that can open up a whole new era of inquiry and embodied leadership. 

Nicola Millson - Co-founder She Leads Change London, UK

On our She Leads Change Programmes women learn to lead change from a place of authenticity and connection. We love having Katrien involved - not only because she is a brilliant facilitator - but because she exemplifies this kind of leadership.

Discover insights, news articles, scientific research and personal stories to illuminate the transformational nature of breathwork and work of Open Up.







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