The Cycle of Learning

The future will be build by those who are willing to pioneer new methods for healing that transcend the limits of cognitive insights and allow us to access our full potential as human beings. It will be holistic, experiential and profound. 




Open Up creates spaces for learning and self-healing through shadow work, inquiry and various methods of breathing; mainly inspired 
by Holotropic Breathwork as created by the pioneering psychotherapist Stanislav Grof. Our purpose is to foster a culture of honest connection and leadership, deep listening and empowerment, where we open up to the wisdom at the core of our being.

Founder Katrien Franken has been deeply involved in inner work for more than 15 years,
and has become increasingly interested in the inner dimension between change and healing especially on the intersection of neuroscience,
psychotherapy, and spirituality.
She supports individuals to come into their power, resilience, resourcefulness and take responsibility to live a life of more meaning, integrity and beauty. 

Our approach is dedicated to wake up to the workings of life in the shadows. ​To remember who we are. To connect with our essence, our truth and our feelings through the simplicity and power of our breath, which is free and freedom. 

We encourage an educational and experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discoveries for a mutual growth, understanding, and enrichment. 

The wholeness we seek is in the creation of our connected embodied wisdom. Together, in conscious community we push into our edges, open to our vulnerability, delight in the joy and freedom in our authenticity, and come home, individually and together, to our intimate Belonging.

Breathwork is a therapeutic and dynamic practice of conscious connected breathing, that takes people far beyond traditional cognitive therapies. The technique consists

of connecting the inhale and the exhale in a spontaneous way, without pausing. The inhalation is full and deep, the exhalation is completely relaxed.


In comfortable clothes, sitting, or laying on your back, you'll utilise the breath to activate

the natural inner healing intelligence and 

process of the psyche, bringing you in a particular set of internal experiences. 

With the inner healing intelligence guiding, the quality and content brought forth are unique to each person in that particular time and place.









Dear friend,


We are living in an extraordinary time

of systems learning, in a world and society that's looking and longing for change. 


An imperative time for artists, creators,

thinkers, doers, dreamers, explorers and activists, to become revolutionaries

of everyday life, opening curiosity to

the possibilities in a new world we envision.  

Pilot starts in September

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A world to our own making



The Cycle of Learning

An infinite practice and map for discovery and possibility

that can change everything between us. 

Love for the Truth

Attune your (inner) listening, connect with your heart, 

communicate your truth and share your wisdom

Individual Sovereignty

Learn how to be present and 

responsible in the world and in reality 

Flow and Coherence

Breathe to feel & Heal

Create safety within, involve your body, your intelligence and intuition, and breathe

Enter the Liminal

Awaken consciousness, open up to the unknown,

the mythopoetic, and non ordinary, the soul



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