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Open Up is founded in 2015 by Katrien Frankenborn from a firm conviction that inner innovation can catalyze holistic solutions for global problems. Today, we harness the power of collective action through an evolving ecosystem of co-creative projects aimed to increase radical kinship with the human and more-than-human-worlds.

We inspire and equip individuals and organizations to reinvent themselves, and to shape more humane futures from an inner learning perspective. Our work explores the question “How can we open up in consciousness in such a way, so we may improve our vital connections with ourselves, each other and the nature?"

In places and processes of Open Up, we root ourselves in our breathing, our body, in the present moment movement, and open up to new places of power and responsivity; bringing feeling into being; making space for the unknown; taking unconventional detours to open up to in consciousness.

Our work is a form of experiential therapy; a research inquiry; a process of worlding the now; chaosmosis, shocking the familiar, composting new realities which we coin Alive Learning education. Through the practice of breathing, making-into-relation all that breathes and moves, we liberate perspectives and possibilities from an embodied place that usher social transformative change. 

In our for-profit and non-profit arenas we're creating avenues for collaborative action for a regenerative future which we facilitate inter-culturally and cross-disciplinary.

We encourage an experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of discoveries and insights for our mutual growth, joy and enrichment where something truly creative and meaningful can arise. Emergent curriculum: nothing is fixed or final here. Please stay tuned.


Katrien Franken


In order to open up, you must generously engage with the unknown. Katrien's work is an expression of assembled studies, longings, learnings, initiatives, collaborations, experiments and experience of twenty years at the edges of our evolutionary growth.


She has become increasingly interested in the question: "Is it possible that one could think of mental health care, recovery, and well-being in radically different ways?" She has applied her inner growth development background & breathwork methodologies across multi-disciplinary projects and for organizations, leaders, purpose-driven networks, schools, artists, experienced activists, refugees, policy-makers, and communities.


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Between eternity and nothing lives Open Up; an emergent space,  transversing; situated across; side by side, relative to some hopeful defined "forward" direction.




Open Up is researching, facilitating and developing methodologies and approaches that leverage the psychotherapeutic, experiential and educational potential of Breathwork. Our initiatives inspire to ignite a start of how inner innovation can contribute to transformation of society. Open Up is working at the forefront of it.

Seth Tabatznik - Founder of 42 Acres and Be the Earth Foundation, UK

My session with Katrien was one of the most delightfully powerful and unique experiences of my life. I enjoyed wonderful creative insights and felt calmly energised beyond anything I’ve previously experienced…and all from just air! I felt well supported and in safe hands, and I’m truly grateful to Katrien and her calm energy for guiding me through an experience that now lives deep inside.