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We offer curated breathwork experiences and create foundations for embodied transformation and alive learning education. Join us to reconnect with Life



Our founder Katrien Franken believes that to truly know the world, we must look deeply within our own being, our body, our mind, our intelligence. To truly know yourself, you must take real interest in the world.


This is an infinite and profound practice that can change everything between us. The work for our future starts here.

We exist to awaken inner innovation that can strengthen our development in a regenerative embodies way, and enliven a culture capable of participatory governance from an inner learning perspective. We challenge and support people to work on their inner growth and wellbeing for themselves, each other and the world. 


Our aim is to create deeply meaningful changes in people's lives, and encourage an educational and experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discoveries for a mutual understanding, growth, and enrichment. 

Our work has many dimensions and shared independent and inter-cultural. We focus on the future of education, the future of leadership, the future of regenerative development with a deep engagement with our breathing, our body, our intelligence and intuition. 

The throughline of our interests has to do with improving the health of individuals and society, and create a virtuous relationship between the two.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and of building partnerships where something curious, spontaneous and truly creative can arise. Our scientific research in breathwork, and non-profit project for refugees in Africa are examples of that. 

We choose to focus on what humans do best: create, explore, share, love and celebrate. We open up and learn through what is most alive to come alive. Emergent curriculum: nothing is fixed or final here.


Our Series

Inspire. Connect. Transform


Our Arenas

Individual. Communitas. Society.

Non-Profit Impact Projects

Building a well-being economy for the entire System 

Our non-profit projects become sustainable through the support of others who help to fund the development to create opportunities for a brighter future for all, in service of a world that aims to nurtures all beings.