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We are pioneering individual and social transformation in a systemic approach




Open Up is founded by Katrien Franken and exists to open, enliven and awaken “alive learning" processes for inner innovation and personal transformation to provide holistic solutions for global problems, where skills can be developed to self-organize and self-heal human life. Skills which can inspire and engage individuals and organizations to become active co-creators for a more conscious and sustainable society.

Our goal is to build a novel foundation of Learning and Practice to open and engage with culture from an inner learning perspective to increase people’s ability to make sense of complex issues, and work on their inner growth and wellbeing for themselves, each other and the world.

We develop practices to support people to experience (sense, feel) and understand (inquire, dialogue) into their discovery, and cultivate awareness and responsibility in what is opening up. 

We safely, ethically and effectively guide people in conscious connected breathing, and explore transformation through
evidence-based and science-based study.

Our aim is to create deeply meaningful changes in people's lives and in society, and encourage an educational and experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discoveries for a mutual growth, understanding, and enrichment. 

Breathwork is a practice of self-exploration which takes people far beyond traditional cognitive therapies. It can be both liberating and exhilarating, but also challenging.

In individual and collective experiences we expand and open up through utilising the breath, bringing you in a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding, the quality and content brought forth are unique to each person in that particular time and place. 

Our work has many dimensions and invites people to move beyond intellectual understanding to an embodied place of deeper knowing.

Our Series

Inspire. Connect. Transform

Our Arenas:

Individual. Communitas. Culture

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    Receive personal 1:1 guidance of our founder Katrien. In a session or series you will explore new possibilities for inner growth and connection, no matter where you are on your path in life. 

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    Our groups are often described as inspiring, transformative and life changing. Open Up has facilitated more than 900 groups (in-person) and has guided thousands of people into their journey of self-discovery.


    These projects and initiatives are intended to contribute to meta conversations for finding new motivations through our core story and narrative. With a co-creative mindset we open up to explore what is leading us in the next cultural step. 

Our Non-Profit 

Impact Projects

Building a Well-Being Economy through Inner Innovation

We are fully dedicated to create Impact projects and are pioneering sustainable change through high-quality research and inner innovation education programs. Our projects become sustainable through the support of others who help to fund the development to create opportunities for a brighter future. Donate and read more about the areas in which support is most vital

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    Scientific Research

    Breathwork & Psychotherapy

    Open Up is developing therapeutic breathwork and is building a source of credibility and opportunity for what is possible in exploring new understandings of human healing potential and sustainable change. This research, led by Katrien Franken aims to introduce breathwork into the realm of psychotherapy and into healthcare system as a combined (new) therapy.

  • Breathwork Training for

    Refugees in Uganda

    Part of Open Up's mission is to help young people who are driving sustainable development goals into change-makes. Since March 2021 we are training youth in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda; home of 120.000 families. A breathwork and inner work training for and in collaboration with Unidos in Uganda.



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