The cycle of learning

The future will be built by those who are willing to pioneer new methods for healing that transcend the limits of cognitive insights and allow us to access our full potential as human beings. It will be holistic, experiential and profound. 




Open Up is the cutting edge of a new counterculture for learning and self-healing. A platform and growing breathwork community of people inspired to have courages learnings, explorations and conversations to see and experience what seeks our attention and healing. We create space for men and women to uncover their truth, transform their lives and reach for the highest potential with breath work at the core of everything.

Founder Katrien Franken is inspired to wake up to the workings of life in the shadows. To evolve consciousness with an urge to look deeper and more honestly into the Cycle of Learning, forging connection inside our heart and soul. She has become increasingly interested in exploring the inner dimensions of change and healing, especially in the over-

lap between psychology, neuroscience and spirituality.


We encourage an educational and experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discoveries for a mutual growth, understanding and enrichment.

Breathwork is  part of our wider inner work, and is a dynamic body-mind practice of 

of conscious connected breathing, that takes most people far beyond traditional cognitive therapies. It provides the groundwork for true inner change and is a powerful approach to self-discovery, growth and healing. 


We offer a direction of inwardness, a deep experiencing of individual meaning and collective insight. Our work focusses on the essence of presence, the power and love of the truth with a human approach to spirituality and self-development. Qualities that we find vital to the process of self-discovery which aren’t presented as such in any breath work modality. 

Breathwork (inspired on Holotropic Breathing) can be a catalyst for profound change but should not be seen as a cure-all, but as an initiation into an arduous path of exploring parts of yourself you’d rather deny.

Real change manifests through energy shifts in the body, rather than through intellectual insight alone. The environment we create is carefully designed to help us come into a state of flow. The invitation is to let it be a spontaneous way of re-aligning ourselves with reality and come back to the body.


The process itself uses a simple technique 

which consists of connecting the inhale and the exhale in a spontaneous way, without pausing. In comfortable clothes, laying on your back, you will utilise the breath to activate the natural inner healing intelligence and process of the psyche, bringing you in a particular set of internal experiences.

The quality and content brought forth are unique to each person in that particular time and place. Our work is held within safety

and support to breathe and move beyond 

intellectual understanding to an embodied place of deeper knowing. 

Open to


Private breathwork sessions with founder Katrien

deepen your capability, self-understanding, and

compassion to explore new possibilities for growth and

connection, no matter where you are on your path in life

Our workshops are often described as inspiring, trans-

formative and life changing. In a group process we are the mirror for each other, reflecting back who we are. In this intimate exchange, we find our way into truth and authenticity. 

Our company sessions are experiences for personal development and growth, improving key psychological traits like presence, openness to experience, intuition and self-reflection in order to achieve our purpose. 



Breathwork Weekend Intensive
with Katrien Franken
12-14  June
2-4 October
The Netherlands




Beyond the workings of the controlling mind, be inspired by your deeper knowing and intuition. Through the cutting-edge practice of breathwork (inspired on Holotropic Breathwork), we will open and release tension and trauma from the body and mind - and generate space for what is emerging to come into consciousness.

Everything is connected. Connection is the experience of oneness. It is of having shared experiences, relatable feelings, or similar ideas. It is the feeling of belonging to something greater than oneself. Breathwork promotes the interaction to become aware of what it means to connect in a profound way.

Open to the realm of the possible and meet

your potential with conscious awareness, This embodiment process of learning and healing is about integrating to the change that is unfolding. To be curious to meet the discoveries within, in a container of trust and safety, and amongst each other.   

The Cycle of Learning

supporting our conscious evolution

The Cycle of Learning is a holistic approach – and largely an act of offering our curiosity and observations on ways how to be with ourselves and the world. The work is to work through the parts that are against something but could be “for” something meaningful. A infinite and profound practice that can change everything between us. 

Open to Love and Truth

Attune your (inner) listening, explore your truth, 

connect and share your wisdom

Individual Sovereignty

Learn how to be present, aware and

 responsible in the world, in reality.

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Flow &


From Separation

to Reunion

Breathe to feel and heal

Engage with your whole being - body, intellect and intuition. 

Enter the Liminal

Awaken consciousness, open up to the unknown, 

the mystical and mythopoetic, the non-ordinary, the Soul


Monthly Breathwork Workshop




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