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Open Up is founded by Katrien Franken, and exists to create brave spaces for people to explore breathwork - and work on their inner growth and wellbeing for themselves, each other and the world.


We are pioneering breathwork at the intersection

between psychotherapy, neuroscience and spirituality with Scientific Research.

Our mission is to contribute to transformative learning and healing in a Cycle of Learning, where skills can be developed for deeper understanding and wisdom. Skills which can engage individuals to become active co-creators for a more conscious and sustainable society. 


We aim to enhance our sense-making capacities for living a life of more meaning, integrity, joy and beauty. Welcome! 

We are dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and invite people to uncover their truth and wake up to the workings of life in the shadows in order to come into their power and presence.

​We encompass a range of therapeutic practices and explore the inner dimensions of change and healing. We explore the transformational effects of connected breathing. (mainly inspired on Holotropic Breathwork as created by Stanislav Grof)

We hope to create deeply meaningful changes in people's lives and in society, and encourage an educational and experiential approach in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and discoveries for a mutual growth, understanding, and enrichment. 

Open Up breathwork is a method of self-exploration which takes people far beyond traditional cognitive therapies. 

In individual and collective experiences we expand and open through utilising the breath, bringing you in a particular set of internal experiences.

With the inner healing intelligence guiding, the quality and content brought forth, are unique to each person in that particular time and place.


It can be both liberating and exhilarating, but also challenging. It is held within safety and guidance to move beyond intellectual understanding to an embodied place of deeper knowing.

Our Series

Inspire. Connect. Transform

Our Arenas:




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    Receive personal 1:1 guidance of our founder Katrien. In a session or series you will explore new possibilities for inner growth and connection, no matter where you are on your path in life. 

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    Our groups are described as inspiring, transformative and life changing. Open Up has facilitated more than 900 groups (in-person) and guided thousands of people from all over the world into their journey of self-discovery.


    These projects and initiatives are intended to contribute to meta conversations for finding new motivations through our core story and narrative. With a co-creative mindset we open up to explore what is leading us in the next cultural step. 

Our Social Impact &

Non-Profit Projects

As an ever-evolving social organisation, we invest a portion of our profits in the

co-creation of projects for society, and to build funding for scholarships of our programs. 

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    Open Up is developing psychotherapeutic breathwork, and a source of credibility and opportunity for what is possible in exploring new understandings of human healing potential and sustainable change. This Scientific Research, led by Katrien Franken aims to study the healing mechanisms of breathwork  with psychotherapy.

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    Part of Open Up's mission is to help young people who are driving sustainable development goals into change-makes. We support the work of Unidos in refugee camp Nakivale in Uganda, home of 120.000 refugees. Open Up will train the Unidos team in a prototype program that can help serve their wider community.

Discover insights, news articles, scientific research and personal stories to illuminate the transformational nature of breathwork and work of Open Up.



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