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Open Up is founded in 2015 by Katrien Frankenborn from

a firm conviction that inner innovation can catalyze holistic solutions for global problems. 

We offer deep exploratory inner journeys with breathwork at the core, and research and develop methodologies that help contextualize the psychotherapeutic, philosophical, experiential and educational potential of life in relationship to the living breathing world. Moving from the raw unknowing of transformation to a place of rooted possibility.

Our work asks the questions: How can we open up in consciousness in such a way, so we may improve our vital relationship between ourselves, each other and the nature?

And, how can the depth of experience and shared process become a centerpiece in creating our future?

In online and in-person engagements, and in our for-profit and non-profit arenas, we inspire and equip individuals and organizations to reinvent themselves.


Our work is also a form of therapy; alive learning education;

extra-curricular; a research inquiry for engaging the vibrancy of the world; shocking the familiar; opening to new places of power and responsivity; taking unconventional detours; composting new realities to begin worlding the now.


We encourage an experiential approach to sense into the meaning of the irrational as relational, as relationship. We facilitate the exchange of discoveries and insights for our mutual growth, joy and enrichment where something truly creative and meaningful can arise. Emergent curriculum: nothing is fixed or final. Please stay tuned.

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