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From whole person

to whole organization

At Open Up we understand the power of shared experience and the importance to create shared connected futures. We create and facilitate bespoke breath work experiences, drawing inspiration from your organization's passion and ethos for a tailor-made experience. Empowering people in your organization, team or department, or private group bringing a deeper feeling into the vital connections we have. We combine breathwork with psychotherapeutic practice and movement in fully embodied experiences for more human becomings.

Open Up's experiences are playful reconfigurations of humans and organizations, and therefore embodiments of the radical openness of the real. An invitation to discover where we come from, where we belong, and what makes us, us. We open with bodyful reminders of our psychological edges to examine and re-invent
ourselves. To meet ourselves as if for the first time.

Increase intelligence, awareness and curiosity in our signature practice of inquiry. A psychological presence process of engaged listening and conscious dialogue that helps people to uncover their truth and step into new places of power and responsivity in a nonjudgemental way. 

Open Up's high energy breathwork sessions inspire people to release deeply rooted beliefs and blocked energy from the body and mind. A safely held and facilitated space for conscious growth and healing. We open to freedom in bodyfulness

There is no measurement to what "big" is in the context of change or transformation. Our journeys encourage change with a deep care for nuance, complexity, time and place of strange encounters in ecosystems of being..

Open Up invites participants to mutually learn from the shared insights and reality to shape a more beautiful future our heart's know is possible.

We Open Up


Fostered by our humanness, trust, care and courage, our inner gatherings explore the wildness of our bodies to where we must leave the story. 

Ignite: 1-2 HOURS OF OPEN UP 

Gather your team for a powerful Open Up breath work session which is science and experience based. Inspire and ignite your vital connection with Life, and access the deeper wisdom from the body and mind in carefully created brave spaces.


Our signature Open Up approach is tailored to shock the familiar in a safe and supported environment. Leveraging innovation and insights

from our years of designing transformative processes. Weaving powerful breath work with deep psychological inquiry, ritual, sound and movement. Science based, experiential learning to immerse yourself into opening to the source of connection, and joy.


A stunning invitation is in the air, urging us to rethink ourselves, our bodies, our ways of working, our actions in the world. Part of Open Up's mission is to inspire humans and organizations to learn from the irrational as relational, as meaningful, and insightful. It’s too late to work in the ways we know how. The emergence of our time calls for an adventurous descend that leads us to interesting places. In keeping with your strategy and business goals, our work is with the curious, restless, and uneasy with endless bliss. Can you take an instant to visualize this event?