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From whole person

to whole organization

We facilitate & develop breathwork and inner work processes to empower people to create shared connected futures.

We are building a movement to open up to Life from an inner learning perspective and increase radical kinship with the human and more-than-human worlds. We inspire and equip humans to reinvent themselves and help organizations achieve their wildly ambitious impact goals using the collective wisdom and connected openness of their people. We help envisioning possibilities and inspire to open up to new realities in the future of work in a multiplicity of each other's experience; each other's worlds, as a representation of the external world we create. 

May our work bring more than just solutions, more than just a future - may it bring a deeper feeling into the vital connections we have. May we be slower than speed of our unrest. And may we be visited so thoroughly, and met in wild places so overwhelmingly, that we are left undone.


We are working with organizations, purpose-driven networks, local communities, schools, funders, executive leaders, politicians and policy-makers to introduce breathwork and inner work practices to activate a systems change from an inner systems learning. 

"Be not the one who debunks but the one who assembles, not the one who lifts the rugs from under the feet of the naive believers but the one who offers arenas in which to gather."

– Bruno Latour

What People Are Saying

"The workshop was excellent! This was my first experience in breathwork. I'm very excited to get more involved with breathwork as a therapeutic modality. I was very surprised at how powerful it is. I feel incredibly grateful & present after the workshop. Thank You So Very Much!" 


– Mark, Software Engineer.

Participant at ICPR 2022

"Profoundly releasing with expert facilitation and guidance."


– Guy Fincham, Sussex University

Participant at ICPR 2022

"Fantastic workshop! Amazing how much my body responded in one hour, feel very relaxed as if something has shifted. Thank you!"


– Michiel, National Research Assessments at Elsevier

"This session was so intense and so necessary. A great introduction and time for myself in a deep and real way. I hope Elsevier can create more opportunities for such sessions with Katrien. I'm convinced it would increase our satisfaction and efficiency." 


Product Manager at Elsevier

"As someone suffering from anxiety disorder this was an incredible experience for me. This session cannot be put into words but I feel relaxed, centered and positive. A type of well-being and peace of mind I want in my life on the daily."


– Anelle,  Account Manager 



We Offer

  • Individual coaching & sessions for executives

  • Group facilitation 

  • Company-wide workshops and retreats

  • Individual training / mentoring

  • One-off sessions and on-going engagements​

Experiments are part of everything we do. We vow to do what is beautiful and true, not what is expected.