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From whole person

to whole organization

Open Up aims to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious and sustainable society where people create more well-being for themselves, each other and the world. We want to inspire people to work on a whole different level and focus on helping companies achieve their wildly ambitious impact goals using the collective wisdom of their people.


We are working with global organizations, purpose-driven networks, and communities to introduce Open Up programs as a way to discover/uncover new realities. Join us as we challenge existing, long held cultural narratives about what it means to be a leader. 

Empowering people to
become leaders the change

​Open Up was founded in 2015 and has since then created guided thousands of professionals in exploratory breathwork meetings, dialogue and awakening sessions for transformative on-going learning. All with the purpose to increase our capacity to become more embodied, conscious and aware how to create the new story and possibility for positive change. 

We focus on working with purposeful organisations, searching for innovative solutions from the inside and out. We aim towards working in a bottom-up and top-down approach, to breathe through all levels of an organisation.

Breathwork can profoundly open to new ways of thinking, feeling and doing, even after one session. In our sessions we want to take you to the core of your being and give tools and techniques that help bring understanding to the process of change and transformation. With facilitated preparation and integration - and full guidance of a skilled team, we move into pure embodied experience and will expertly guide you and your team to generate your own insights and breakthroughs. ​


Explore your interest (inspiration), your intention (purpose), and motivation (commitment) and gain knowledge and learn the tools to generate more resilience to the demands of every day.

Open Up


From Whole Person to
Whole Organization

Open To learn

Open To Flow

We help organizations become more connected, open and healthier by giving individuals the tools to become healthy leaders who lead courageously at the wild edge of change.


The environments we create are carefully designed to bring people into a state of curiosity and openness where a co-creative energy starts to emerge. We create the space, in any space to open up.

We offer a wider range of possibilities:

  • Individual coaching & sessions for executives

  • Group facilitation 

  • Company-wide workshops and retreats

  • Individual training / mentoring

  • One-off sessions and on-going engagements​

Fantastic workshop! Amazing how much my body responded in one hour, feel very relaxed as if something has shifted. Thank you! – Michiel, National Research Assessments at Elsevier

This session was so intense and so necessary. A great introduction and time for myself in a deep and real way. I hope Elsevier can create more opportunities for such sessions with Katrien. I'm convinced it would increase our satisfaction and efficiency.  – Product Manager at Elsevier

As someone suffering from anxiety disorder this was an incredible experience for me. This session cannot be put into words but I feel relaxed, centred & positive. A type of well-being & peace of mind I want in my life on the daily. – Anelle,  Account Manager 

We work with
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