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A nonordinary approach for breathing and opening up together

The emergence of our time calls for an act of journey and adventurous descend, making unconventional detours that leads us to interesting places of power and responsivity. Our work is science based and with the curious to open from the raw unknowing of transformation to a place of rooted possibility. Can you take an instant to visualize this event?

Open Up's experiences are playful reconfigurations of humans and organisations, and embodiments of the radical openness of the real. An invitation to discover who we
are, where we belong, and what  makes us, us. We open with our breathing into psychological edges to examine and re-invent ourselves. To meet ourselves as if for the first time. Are you ready?

Increase intelligence, awareness and curiosity in our signature practice of inquiry. A psycho-active presence process of conscious dialogue that helps people to uncover and express their truth and step into new places of insight, power, and responsivity in a nonjudgemental way. 

Open Up's breathwork sessions inspire people to release deeply rooted beliefs and blocked energy from the body and mind. We honor the work of psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, founder of Holotropic Breathwork. We open to freedom in bodyfulness and
offer a safely held, sacred and facilitated space for conscious growth and healing.

There is no measurement to what "big" is in the context of change or transformation. Our journeys encourage change with a deep care for nuance, complexity, time and place of strange (non-ordinary) encounters in ecosystems of being.

Open Up invites participants to mutually learn from the shared insights and reality and shape / shift a more beautiful future our heart's know is possible.


From whole person

to whole society


At Open Up we understand the power of shared experience and the importance to create shared connected futures. We help catalyse futures that are rooted in values of kinship with the living breathing world in an expanded sense of connection with the human and more-than-human worlds. From the way we think and feel, to the way we act, participate and lead. 

We respects the privacy of all our participants


Our Approach 

In all of our facilitation, we are interested in discovering new kinds of inner development practices, bringing wisdom traditions together with cognitive science and psychology to create powerful experiences that transform. Not just our inner lives, but the connections between us and beyond.


We offer this as a research inquiry and embodied process that cultivates the capacity to breathe and feel into diverse perspectives to access our deeper truths. In a collective process we shift perspectives, patterns, and mindsets in a generative learning space.


Participants come to understand the possibilities, and limitations in the psyche and body, and acquire a broader perception of what it means to be human, who we are and what we are here to do. 

Offerings & possibilities

Fostered by curiosity care and courage, our work explores the wildness of our bodies to where we must leave the story. We will fall open into the miracle of the unknown and gather anew. 


Gather your team for a powerful Open Up experience which is science and experience based. Inspire and ignite your vital connection with Life, and access the deeper wisdom from the body and mind in carefully created brave spaces for more human becomings.


Our signature Open Up approach is tailored to shock the familiar in a safe and supported environment. Leveraging innovation and insights from our years of designing transformative processes. Weaving breath work with psychological inquiry and leading-edge modern practices. Science based, experiential learning to immerse yourself into opening to the source of connection, joy and enrichment where something truly creative and inspiring can arrive.


Open Up provides an intersection of disciplines to co-create the extraordinary with guidance and direction. Facilitating transformation through rupture at the alive edge. Let us get in touch to explore possibilities. 

What People Are Saying

An unexpectedly delightful experience which I would recommend to anyone who is keen to find a state of total relaxation and well-being that transforms into a sense of physical and mental energy."

– Participant Georgia, Goethe-Institut 

"As someone suffering from anxiety disorder this was an incredible experience for me. This session cannot be put into words but I feel relaxed, centered and positive. A type of well-being and peace of mind I want in my life on the daily."


Participant Anelle, Account Manager 

"Fantastic workshop! Amazing how much my body responded in one hour, feel very relaxed as if something has shifted. Thank you!"


– Participant Michiel - National Research Assessments at Elsevier

"On our She Leads Change programmes, women learn to lead change from a place of connection and authenticity. We love having Katrien involved - not only because she is a brilliant facilitator - but because she exemplifies this kind of leadership."

– Participant Nicola Millson, founder at She Leads Change

"This session was so intense and so necessary. A great introduction and time for myself in a deep and real way. I hope Elsevier can create more opportunities for sessions with Katrien. I'm convinced it would increase our satisfaction and efficiency." 


– Participant - Product Manager at Elsevier

"Profoundly releasing with expert facilitation and guidance."


– Participant from Sussex University at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research 


We work with

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