The Breathwork Group Series a five-week program and exploration of who you are. A process designed to open to life at the core level, and start living it fully. It offers the ground work for true inner change. Drawing on tools, techniques, and a powerful mix of deep psychological and embodied practices, these weeks will support, guide and encourage the incredible question that only you can answer for yourself. Each week, for five weeks we will come together to breathe and feel, to release and heal parts of ourselves. You will receive a direct experience of integrating what Carl Jung called "the shadow", connecting to the parts about ourselves that we consciously or unconsciously suppress, deny or reject.

You will learn very specific enquiry techniques that expand your awareness and focus your mind, as well as deep conscious breath work to delve deeper and deeper into your being, expanding our consciousness to reach for the highest potential. Through guided breathing sessions (inspired on Holotropic Breathwork) and a series of group contemplations, partnered exercises, you can expect beliefs to be challenged, perceptions to be shifted and a fundamental evolution in your relationship to life, the universe and everything. The process deeply activates the connection with yourself and others. Through the experience of this incredibly opening work – you will receive a deeper understanding of your energy and its drives, blocks, motivations, longing, and love. 

In search for wholeness we will enjoy each other's support and inspiration, being with the same focus. This work can be both liberating and exhilarating, but also challenging. Fundamental assumptions about life are swept away. It's is why being in a community of people sympathetic to your endeavours is so valuable. Expect a gathering of the curious, courageous and insatiable to support and encourage on another. Join us to explore who you are and to align yourself with purpose, passion and meaning.





with Katrien Franken

€ 495 pp

5-week program in a closed group



What will we explore?

This process weaves together a mixture of disciplines, bodily knowledges, breath work, inquiry and wisdom to rethink everything we thought we knew. Trickster time! Each "meeting" is an invitation to open, arrive and speak from a "we" space.

The work

Breathwork: increase your somatic, emotional and social intelligence and release tension and trauma from the body and mind, and access flow states. 

Self-inquiry: intimate circles of exploring, sharing, expressing, and deeply listening into the

unknown, while being witnessed and mirrored by others. 

Shadow experience practice: navigate through the unconscious, the hidden and blind spots.

Movement and meditation: a series of deep  spiritual practices, psychological and meditative techniques.


Integration and resourcing: grounding our experience through reflecting and harvesting our experience, and resourcing ourselves.




Experiential work, pragmatic and experience based teachings. Solo, paired, trio, small group and large group practices. 

Receive after each session integration exercises supportive assignments by email.

You will be teamed up with a buddy; your 'partner' through the whole process.

A conscious approach, full presence, and touch from the facilitating team to stimulate and support your process.

Open Up curates the group; with the principle of growing through doing, participants take responsibility to co-create the experience. Participants can continue to support each other after the program and become part of the wider Open Up community.

How to breathe in a open, connected way​ whilst staying present in your body

Deepen your understanding of breathwork, explore various breathing styles.

Learn how to use pendulation, tritration and resourcing in breathwork.​​​​​​

How to embody your truth and learn how to be responsible and present in the world​.


How to release stress and anxiety – and liberate "stuck' energy from your body with awareness to the felt sense. 

How to recognize, respond and reset (re-direct) yourself to self-care and start to realise your gifts. 

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"After attending the DO lectures in Wales, I decided to find a place in NL to do a breathwork course. I came across The Series of Katrien and it appealed right away. The themes, the length of the course, working in a group and yes, there was a last minute spot available. I had to go! Katrien offers a course that is much more than just breathwork - she shares in-depth content in a nice flow of exercises that challenges on many levels with a great balance between individual experience and group dynamics. I loved the support she and her team offered during the program. With even greater curiosity looking forward to the second edition."


Nienke Dijkstra – Speakers Coach at TEDxHaarlem

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The Breath as Catalyst for Transformation

As human beings we have something in common; we breathe. But most of us don't use the full lung capacity due to stress or fear, anxiety, trauma.. This disrupts our flow in life and makes us feel disconnected from our body and authentic essence. We numb our pain and shut down our expression of truth and aliveness. We block ourselves from receiving love and abundance from others and the world around us, with consequences such as depression, addiction, hyper-independence, burnout and relationship dysfunction (to name a few). This Series is carefully designed to consciously charge your body with oxygen (energy) that releases the tension from the muscles where energy can start to flow again. As we'll dive deeper into our breathing, we will meet the pleasure of nourishing and restoring our body, of digesting and releasing our emotions, creating a possibility for growth and change. 


Create Positive Impact 

A small group can have a huge impact on the world. Be one of them! In this conscious group work we are the mirror for each other, reflecting back who we are. In this intimate exchange we find our way into truth and authenticity. We'll meet the pleasure of nourishing and restoring our energy, and of grounding ourselves in becoming more resilient, present and powerful in the world. We offer each other authentic relationship and are changed because of it. One step at a time - one breath at a time we can start sharing a vision to catalyse a genuine change in consciousness, together. ​​



with Katrien Franken

€ 495 pp

5-week program in a closed group