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what is most alive, to come alive

A new counterculture is filling in the void, driven by an embodied intelligence, forging connection from a deeper place of sensing, experiencing, knowing, breathing and dialogue. Open Up is a home to inspire individuals to practice that at a source level opens and can move move from our individual content, to a collective context and field of awareness. In explorations, experiments and experiences we open space for courageous dialogues and learnings to what is seeking our calling for growth and understanding. This is an infinite and profound practice that can change everything between us. The work for our future starts here.


we view the individual as part of the collective and work in a systemic approach

  • Individual Sessions & Series

    An individual session or series with Katrien deepens your self-understanding, no matter where you are on your path in life. Her intention is to work with the whole person and move to the source of what is most alive to come alive. She challenges and support your inner growth through the Cylce of Learning

  • Each year, Katrien will guide and mentor a handful of change makers who are aligned with our vision for 6 months. Our intention is to build a 'living" network of embodied co-creators. The leaders will become part of Open Up's Circle of Friends.

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    inquiry is one of the cornerstones of our practice at Open Up. It harnesses an intelligence which we combine with breath work and counseling. A transformative approach in self-exploration and deep listening, presence and healing.


Catalyzing awakened "we" spaces

  • We share our group work internationally and inspire people to have courageous explorations, conversations and learnings in service our inner growth and healing.

  • The purpose of our programs is to open and deepen our perspectives  and to help build a learning and curious society. Our intention is to create a supported participatory space for mutual learning, stewarding through the salient.

  • Experience a pioneering approach in breath work and explore the transformative potential in a safe and environment. The profound experiences can give you the opportunity to live life of greater love, authenticity, truth and freedom.


innovation for the world we create

  • This is an initiative of Open Up aiming to bridge breathwork and psychotherapy as a new method for healing anxiety and depression. Together with an amazing team of researchers we are on the cusp of a new era of understanding breathwork as therapy.

  • Brush Stroke

    We steward through uncharted territory and unfollow epistemological authority without losing autonomy. Our Non-profit projects are passion projects.

  • We work with policymakers and want to inspire organisations, teams and leaders to benefit from the power of their own breath and create new motivations through our core story and narratives, and learn to feel what leads us in the next cultural step. 

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