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with Katrien Franken

Online via Zoom

75 minutes session: € 125

In person

1,5 hour session: € 150

3  hour session:  € 375


Online      € 595  (instead of € 650)

In person € 699  (instead of € 750)


           All prices are are excluding 21% VAT


  • Tension and emotional release
  • Reconnection with the body and heart
  • Improve mental clarity and focus
  • Profound and deep relaxation.
  • Opening to truth, in body and mind
  • Tapping into the deeper wisdom of being, living

The Healing Breath

Explore breathwork in a one-on-one session or a series of 5 sessions of each 1,5 hours. A time in which you'll have all the space to gently expand the breath beyond its tightness and its holdings, into a deep, rich and complete breath.

Private sessions with founder Katrien deepen your capability, self-understanding and compassion to explore new possibilities for growth and connection, no matter where you are in your path. The sessions awaken your inner listening and can give all the guidance and support to re-align yourself with your life's purpose. 

A session can assist to resolve issues such as depression, pain, anxiety, guilt, trauma, self-worth issues, anger, mental problems, relationship issues, eating disorders, addictions, negative patterns and beliefs, blockages in moving forward, and many other problems. 


We will use a deep and full diaphragmatic way of breathing that influences the chemistry in the organism in such a way that blocked associated to traumatic memories, can be released and becomes available for discharge and processing. We will breath at your ‘edge’ in a circular way, allowing the unconscious limited breath patterns to be surrendered. This will allow you to experience a deep emotional and physical joy, relaxation and rejuvenation. Even after one session.

As we'll work with the breath, we automatically work with the body, essentially updating the nervous system, and reconnecting that with the brain. They are not separate. As you breathe and relax into what’s arising, you have an opportunity to embrace all aspects of self. It is through surrendering resistance (ego) that we make space for Love. True feelings and emotions will receive space to be expressed, and the closed shadow areas in the body (subconscious), will open up.

Hidden aspects of self, both positive and negative will be revealed. We will look at your breath pattern and how it affects your well-being, allowing you to release blockages in the body, negativity, stress, and tension. We welcome opportunities to face anxiety and the lack of grounded solidity, which leads to developed centeredness in whole being



Package Offer

   Online:      5 sessions for € 595 (instead of € 625) 

   In person: 5 sessions for € 699 (instead of € 750)

To assimilate realisations and change, we recommend

a series of 5 to 10 sessions. The individual Series bring

together the cutting edge in breath and bodywork, holistic counseling, psychological practices and tools which you can use for the rest of your life. A synthesis which enhances deep and lasting growth.

  • 5 private sessions of 75 minutes

  • Supportive assignments to deepen your process

  • Tools to integrate breathwork into your daily life

  • Understanding the power of inquiry

A series is non-refundable and valid for 6 months after purchase. 

There are no physical requirements to take this series. However, please pay attention to the contra-indications for breathwork to make sure it is right for you. More can be found on FAQ page.


Breath work is about real participation and gives us an opportunity to drop our masks – and be in real connection with ourselves and others. The not-knowing becomes the beginning of your adventure.

Activating the mechanisms in the body will slowly open you to a supported and safe environment where you can attentively listen into that which is seeking to balance itself. What was unexpressed and held in the body comes into conscious awareness where you can face it with wisdom. When old tensions find their expression, you will have access to the natural joy that arises. All it takes is your commitment to breathe, a strong loving intention and to trust the process. It is a total reset for the body and mind and can be a profound healing experience.


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