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Be the Change. It's Time.

Personal guidance and foundations for transformation


Explore a one-on-one session, or Series, or a 3 - 6 months tailor-made program with Katrien Franken. A time in which you will have all the space to open to the source of complexity and discover what is seeking your attention for growth and healing. Katrien's honest approach and experience helps to reveal your blind spots in a way that gives acces to discover new insights that can immediately shift the way you think, and feel, and act in the world. Her intention is to work with you as a whole person; the body, intelligence and intuition. A session or series can give deep and profound renewed insight to who you are and where you are in your life, and what you are here to do. As you breathe and learn to relax into what’s arising, new realities can join you, a new harmony, a new syntony can emerge – and a new depth, a new possibility can 'become' you. 



Breathwork is a powerful, self-healing technique and an effective tool to balance the body and restore the nervous system and open a new relationship with emotional blockages, stress, tension and trauma. In a session you may experience what it feels like to have openings endings in new places of curiosity, power, and responsivity – vitalizing the relation with yourself, others and the nature. A session offers a re-membering with the places that hold us; human and more-than-human worlds. We will be shaking the narratives that you’ve become so used to; shocking the familiar through the natural and free movement of your breathing; composting new realities which you can integrate in your daily life. 

We will consciously activate and nourish what is opening up, and attentively feel in what is presenting itself and wants to balance itself and will honor the full range of human experience. Most often what was unexpressed and held in the body can come into conscious awareness in breathwork, where you can face it with wisdom. Hidden aspects of self, both positive and negative will be revealed. It is a total reset for the body and mind, and it can be a profound healing and empowering experience. Even after one session.


Please read here our academic clinical study and effects of conscious connected breathing on cortical brain activity, mood and state of consciousness which was published in september 2023.










Package Offer
5 Private 1:1 Sessions of 90 minutes with Katrien 

€ 1200

(excl. tax)

Instead of € 1250

The Series with discount is offered as an intensive and therefore intended to experience within 8 weeks.. It brings together the cutting edge in breathwork and bodywork, holistic counseling, deep psychological practices and tools which you can use for the rest of your life. A synthesis which enhances deep and lasting inner growth.​ To assimilate realisations and change, I recommend a series of 5 to 10 sessions.

A Series with discount is non-refundable and valid for 8 weeks after date of invoice. 

Work with Katrien


Receive access to Katrien as your personal coach in an honest mirroring and guidance of what is unseen and unmet in yourself that could transform the way you think, feel, and act in the world. She is an ally of Holotropic Breathwork as created by Stanislav and Christina Grof, and nonordinary states of consciousness. Her guidance shows up as a deep investigator, intuitive listener and contributor to open to truth. As a skilled and trained space holder, certified counselor and expert in trauma and tension release, she'll help you unlock and open blocked energy associated to traumatic or lost memories, and make them available for discharge and processing. She's inspired to work with what is most alive to come alive; which is often where life is.


David Fuller – Founder of Rebel Wisdom, London, UK

I have had several breathwork sessions before, but what Katrien offers is something very special. It's beyond just breathwork. She is incredibly intuitive and able to sense exactly where you are at and what you need. She has an exceptionally healing presence, and uses touch and sound to deepen the journey. The sessions offer a window into your deeper self and allow profound healing and awareness to come through. 

An intake form will be send upon a first session request. Please pay attention to the contra-indications for breathwork. More can be found on FAQs page.


  • 1:1 guidance of Katrien Franken

  • Therapeutic and experiential breathwork that is science based. Read our clinical study on connected breathing.

  • Holistic counseling and psychological inquiry.

  • Shadow integration, uncovering & discovering blind spots.

  • Regulating of the nervous system & trauma recovery.

  • Uncover your truth and learn to speak from that place

  • Attune your inner listening. 

  • Awaken curiosity, focussed attention & embodied presence.

  • Tab into the human wisdom with more than human worlds.

  • Transformative living, the work in action.

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