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Worlding the Now



Worlding the Now



Worlding the Now


are us

for a wildly better shared world

We are building a movement of Futures Are Us; inspiring a collective shift on the edge of knowing, where young people (and teachers) can nurture and be nurtured by non-conventional spaces and more non-ordinary practices, such as breathwork, that are re-imagining education, health and Life, and can bring new ways of seeing and being in the world that allow for creating wildly better shared futures. 

Thank you, we will keep you informed! 

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What if education could support health?

What if we can we learn from “other worlds” to enrich all our worlds? 

What if breathwork and the science can be experienced and learned at universities and schools, extra-curricular?

What if we can we open and listen to what is alive and emergent, and integrate it into our daily practices? 


What if our places of learning oriented away from learning about the world in order to act upon it, to learning to become with the world around us?

How can academics nurture & be nurtured by nonconventional spaces that are re-imagining

education and life?


Because it is too late to educate

in the ways we know how


We need generations full of energy, inspiration, and imagination to come up with regenerative solutions with the world ahead. The deeper aim of this project, initiated by Katrien Franken, is help catalyze a cultural enlightenment fostered by new ways of seeing and learning how to learn that will develop a new set of shared values and capacities adequate to the needs of our time. We are focussing on reforming education in a way that supports the mental health and the well-being of younger people and society, and to create a virtuous relationship in and between the two. 


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A simple start. 


We want to collaborate with universities, and schools, and with students and teachers to inspire and create new moral futures.


We facilitate & develop breathwork experiences to open, expand, and shift perceptions of reality; cognitive, emotional and intuitive. Our work is also theory and science-based. Read our breathwork study here on "The effects of conscious connected breathing on cortical brain activity, mood and state of consciousness".

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How we learn, changes how we live

How we breathe, changes how we feel and think, and create

Learning differently than we know how, 

is a shared journey 

This is for making a wildly better world into being in service of our shared future

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