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The Buffalo Within

Let me greet you with the grunts, growls, bellows, snorts, and mumbles with the occasion gargle of the buffalo who joined me in my walk; a sacred path, a knowing that the planet is a living creature; a body; a living breathing organism. The animal symbolizes the magical, focussed, inspired and hard-dedicated-work of our time. To the American Indians, the massive body of a buffalo is the source of everything in their community. They are viewed as symbols of honor and generosity. Their skin from food and shelter, to weapons and implements (bones, tendons..) their horns and hides for regalia. Their huge girth and powerful bodies have also turned them into images of desire, strength, stability, and consistency.

How does this relate to our work? May you inquiry into that while we take each other through the grasslands where we open up with many of you wildflowers, exploring the high quality wildlife habitats, inside of us.

Let us keep grazing.

Katrien Franken


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