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The Osmosis of Chaos

We meet the intriguing world of chaos with a masked tension. You may feel it in our together breathing. There is fear poured in every breath and anxiety is occurring in moments unaware of us breathing. We are collectively breathing much faster than we can handle. The order through which this process is presenting itself, the mentoring practice, is about a re-arrangement with the chaotic. It has to do with loosing our grip of the things that we don't have, and want, and discovering the things that we already have, and may not want. Chaos is a place for our becoming well. And with deep respect to the wisdom of this masked tension everywhere, chaos isn’t always tense. In fact, whispered by nature, it releases it.

A few years ago I read a little book called "Breathing: Chaos and Poetry" by Franco Berardi who introduced Félix Guattari's work called Chaosmosis. Berardi describes chaosmosis as: "The opening of the ordered system to chaotic flows and the osmotic vibration of the organism that looks for a rhythm tuned to the cosmos". It sparkled a deep curiosity and resonance in me. I think of the multitudinous relationships that make the world through chaos. I think about the wondrous wounded traces of strange arrangements, of unfixed paths, of allies surviving in an infinite speed of birth and disappearance of every moment. It might be said that when we let things naturally unfold, we create chaos; flow. A movement / harmonising of the algorithms of the inner life. They might be too fast to meet properly, and too difficult to fully understand, although when let-be, will appear to make more sense, than the fixedness of fastness. We can raise intriguing questions about this orderly-like stance of chaotic companionship in light of where we are today. And maybe with a necessity for renewal contact with time, that it is not meant to be endured. It is activated to re-orientate, or rather dis-orientate the idea of qualitative change.

Our bodies may exhale it.

Now we must inhabit a practice that does not look for a correct outcome, or an environment that produces correct humans. Our practice must be about wisely becoming out-of-order, out-of-line, out-of-place. That is my proposal. My teachings are not about offering you steps of logic how to join usefully, or how to breathe usefully, if that is your ambition - or to join gracefully, if that is your desire. And I won't offer confidence in order, or in a solidity of fact, to make sense. In fact, my mood is with the unfixedness, and to sense deeper with what is making no sense. To sense into the meaning of the irrational as relational, as relationship, as meaningful in a time of lostness, and chaos. Chaosmosis is not a concept or idea, but a deep research inquiry that is informing our creativity. Perhaps the point is to sense this as an infinite opportunity to savour Life.
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