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Integrity Interrupts

It is risky to make change in places that seem stuck. In places where agency is needed to bring context and understanding to a division. This activism isn’t in pushing for success through the use of old structures of power and privilege, and neither it is to make wrong the place we move on from together. This activism addresses the necessity for a willingness to take on the unbearable and unnecessary burden of the world; an inner work process to see the beauty of well-stuck disaster that begs for a deep integrity and fairness of play. The fairness that comes from moral integrity.

In his book, The writing of the Disaster (1995), Maurice Blanchot defines disaster in the following way: “The disaster….. is what escapes the very possibility of experience–it, is the limit of writing. This must be repeated: the disaster describes”. (p.7) What is creative that by this writing is written, is not in the words itself. It deletes it. It lives outside of words. Even outside of the difference inside/outside.

So where is it? What is showing up?

In a great pause that comes in a form of return, action comes in the form of great interruptions for a disturbance of relationship towards a greater integrity. Who is showing up is important, because how we navigate these spaces activates different things. One must be willing to move through the pain of mechanisms, of communication, and dialogue-with arrangements of disturbance of integrity. May our actions show up as new undercurrents that flow with integrity for all existing Life.

Katrien Franken


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