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“What do I do when I’m lost in the forest?”

Based on the beautiful poem "Lost" by David Wagener (1999) - and explained in a previous post by David Whyte - I have formulated three phases of movement to generously get lost. They are woven into my work with Open Up. It allows people to enter the black contemplative splendors of self doubt, at the same time as they’re setting out on this radical new path and new places of power.

🌳 Phase 1: “Stand still” – you have to pay attention. Also to the dark sides and shadows of your existence. You must pay attention to all that you have given away to secure yourself and your position and remain unaffected. As well as in your creative gifts. An Open Up process brings people into the contemplative splendor of self-doubt, while at the same time opening up a radical new avenue of exchange with the more-than-human world.

🌳 Phase 2: Feel the silence. Here. Unless you have silence and a capacity for stillness in your body, the noise of your thoughts will drown out any real change. After all, you have a hundred reasons not to do something and to make a real change. Your ability to find deep silence is important to shift your attention and perspective, and expand your perception of relationship and exchanges.

🌳 Phase 3: Consciously let yourself fall into the unknown. Even if we don't know if it will work - it requires a surrender. The surrender is an attempt to consciously and intuitively involve the world in finding answers and solutions.

"The forest knows where you are. You have to let it find you."


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