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If Only We Knew

Fostering the poetics and complexity of surprise in times of chaos

We are always transversing; crossing a surprise. It can be poetic and it can be tragic, depending on the loss; the exchange.

A fire transversing with wind can swallow a town, can surprise Life; human and more than human. The poetics are "places" surrounding the process of naming. Lahaina is a new name of making them exist in reality. A way of approaching a complex and chaotic body of the place into some rough material. What is not written remains the place of the active reading imagination. To sit with the bizarre thought of losing your home, to experience the familiar ‘gone’, simultaneously present, and indefinitely far away.

“If only we knew” will become a potent inquiry for the future of poetics. To listen into the land and the shape of mountains, and nature’s need for survival so ‘we’ may stay alive in the surprise. My heart goes out to all life affected by this impactful tragedy.

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