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Darkness is a mystery. It is a much deeper phenomenon than light. Darkness needs no fuel, no cause, hence darkness is not an effect. It can remain eternally there. Darkness blows away the ego through the absence of light. Without visual stimuli the mind and soul can wander in the psyche.


From Darkness to the Light.

The philosophy and history behind the dark meditation is a process of secluding oneself in complete darkness and has been practiced for thousands of years as a way of obtaining spiritual evolution or deep spiritual growth. It’s really amazing to see how many cultures all over the world hold practices of darkness meditation. It is a deep psychological process to release fear of the unknown, and look with open eyes into the dark, and listen into your own world and being.  

75 percent of our energy flows through our eyes – so in darkness, this energy becomes available to experience ourselves on a whole different level. The 'blackness" of darkness that surrounds you during Darkness meditation, invites you to surrender to the unknown, and beyond. Vast darkness is bound to create a vastness of humility, humbleness, egolessness.


An Immersive Experience

This meditation is offered on request and can take place in the beautiful cinema of Soho House Amsterdam. A space that has a pin-drop silence, and a 'blackness" without light. A perfect place to let darkness in. We have introduced the Darkness Meditation to Soho House for its members, and guide groups on a monthly base into darkness. 

It is rare to find a place where one can experiment with meditation methods in complete darkness. It isn’t a common practice. We are excited to introduce this meditation as a new practice and experience within Open Up.

What are the benefits of Darkness Meditation?

There are many physical, mental and emotional benefits to the practice. Research done by the Amaya Centre teaches us that 90 to 95% of our thoughts come directly from our visual stimuli. When you shut down this visual stimuli you are left with your own inner eye and inner voice. The eyes will literally keep searching for light until you settle and allow all to merge as one. The rest and peace that comes to the mind is so deep. Darkness Meditation is a way to become rejuvenated and rested from the noisy culture we live in while at the same time, connecting deeply to the inner voice that can tell us a lot about what we need to hear in this very moment. Read more about the research on The Exploratory.

Our Approach

What to expect

The model we offer serves all levels. From someone completely new to meditation, to teachers and practitioners who can enter their own deep inner work in order to serve others.

1.  S E E D I N G 

We open up through inquiry and

sharing to create a safe environment

and get to know each other. We will

enter an orientation where the rules

and regulations will be explained.

This includes practical info like how

to go to the bathroom and return.

After our orientation, we enter into a more sacred space where we will breathe and prepare the physical body to move towards a more calm and centred place within, where we will enter our time into darkness.

2.  E X P E R I E N C I N G

The experience offers complete darkness for a 1 hour period. You are invited to:

• Stare into blackness.

It can be challenging to see darkness all around - and looking back at you. Keep staring into the vacuum, and let it feel.


• Remain with open eyes.

This meditation technique is done with your eyes open, consciously looking into the dark. The moment it enters, it will give you a deep soothing feeling. You will be filled by it.


• Be with it.

The entering of darkness has the quality to empty you of all negative darkness. This is a very deep phenomenon. Try to be fully with it. 

3.  I N T E G R A T I O N

Through a gentle re-occuring of light, the group will be guided to come back with weavings of sound healing.


We will integrate the experience through a sharing, or silent time to further observe and integrate the workings within.

Coming from pure darkness, the benefits of re-orientating yourself in an illuminated space can offer great insights, and a deep, grounded and awakened relaxation.

Explore the power of Darkness

For private or corporate groups only

The power of this meditation is that we inspire to open the collective energy of everyone in the room. Although everyone will be doing their own inner work, the room can emerge as one mind and soul together. 

Darkness Meditation can be a very profound experience. I am very humbled and grateful to share this meditation and the practice of exploring our inner and outer realities from the unknown, which is part of all the work within Open Up

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