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The fast pace of change in the world calls for adaptive skills at a much deeper level. The Cycle of Learning is largely an act of offering our genuine curiosity and observations on ways how to be with ourselves and in the world, in a holistic approach. It introduces the domains and focus of our work. There are many dimensions to our work and Cycles of Learning that are experienced by thousands of people. The practice is to help people go to the source of complexity, and learn how to play with it and create from it a better world for themselves and others. An example of how we contribute to that change is through the Cycle of Learning. An infinite and profound practice that can change everything between us.

The Cycle

Open Up deeply explores what is opening up in a route to embodiment. When we start to use the Cycle we can 'grow up” through varying structures of consciousness. The more perspectives we can take, the more complexity we can hold, and the more care we can release in ourselves, and in the world. Our psychological practices invite us to become really curious about our shadow to access our deeper truth, and choices, and possibilities.  

The more whole and psychologically healthy we are, the more clear, real and sovereign we can be with reality. We all have a responsibility to clean up anything that might be clouding our transmission. Breathwork is our foundational practice to help hack our physiology, and experience deeper parts of ourselves and connect with the inner intelligence of our body. Our Scientific Research project aims to study the neurobiological and physiological effects of breathwork in combination with psychotherapy.

In the "waking up" process we can start to relate to various states and stages of consciousness, beyond exclusive identification of thought, personal identity, time and place. This liminal space invites us to become more curious about the unknown and how to be in it. It speaks to the soul and our infinite capacity to connect. In this liminal space, we are at the heart of experiencing what is truly opening up. It is alive, explorative and brings an energy that is described as insightful, powerful, peaceful, painful, joyful and transformative.


When we have taking this route to embodiment, we are learning how to show up in the world. This requires a radical responsibility. The constant change inside of or "walled garden" is not separate from what happens outside of us. The Cycle of Learning is created bring our inner capacities and matrix of qualities to a unified force of our will in relationship. It points to the sacred in nature and wisdom in us all; the deeper knowing and the connection to the unknown and infinite, through relational 'alive' processes.

Why Practice?

If our practice does not help us to open up consciously in the world – if it does not compel us to enact real change within each of our own spheres of influence, why do we practice at all? Let us take you through the ongoing Cycle of Learning. Step in at any time, anywhere. 

Open to Truth


Inquire into your learning journey and calling. Uncovering/discovering your shadow. Attune your (inner) listening to connect and share your wisdom.

Conscious Responsivity​

Integrate your shadow, embody the learning with autonomy and conscious responsivity to meet the challenges in the world that now is


A coming 

of place

with the


Feel to Heal​

Find mentorship in your body's intelligence, breath and intuition, and feel and heal through what is opening up

Be with the Nonordinary 

Learn to be with the unknown, the mystery of life, the non-ordinary, the soul. Awaken consciousness and curiosity



Open to Truth 

Integration of the shadow

Open to the love of the truth, engage your inner listening and become present, aware and genuinely curious about your thoughts, actions, patterns and beliefs.

The more we “grow up” the more perspectives we can take, the more complexity we can hold, and the more care we can release in the world.

The experience of the Cycle of Learning is that our meaning of life is absolutely accessible and attainable but there is no skipping steps. It also cannot be produced by thought alone, it has to be experienced in order for it to be integrated, transformed and lived.

In that we learn to learn how to change our dialogue from reaction to response, from distraction to connection, into contact. 


When we grow up we start to embody our truth and find our way from communication to conversation, to inquiry, to self-inquiry. All contributes to open to fresh thinking to what we think and how we think - what we feel and how to stay present with in a mature way that gives way for yourself to grow.

When we investigate meaning, and meaning making – weaving in flow states, mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness – we open to another understanding and level of process on change. it is a movement going from ME to WE without loosing autonomy.

Be in the Liminal

Awaken consciousness

Awaken consciousness, learn how to be in the unknown and become really curious to explore the in world that lives in the intersubjective of life, the mysterious and mythopoetic, the non-ordinary, the soul. 

The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning threshold – any point or place of entering or beginning. A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It is a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing. Liminal space is where all transformation takes place – if we learn to wait and let it form us.

“Waking up” relates to various states and stages of consciousness, beyond for exclusive identification of thought, personal identity, time and place. Similar to psychedelics, breathwork and the mystical vision can have the most potent and long-lasting spiritual effect when used in the context of sustained spiritual practice and belief. The significance of it lies in the ability to catalyse the power of the human mind for healing, creativity, and consciousness. Scaling access to this wisdom up, so it can transform.

The invitation is to staying open not to know, to illuminate the unknown and to reveal the hidden from which truth arrives. From this place we can come into contact with what wants to emerge.

Your COMMITMENT to wake up is essential as the path can be messy, uncomfortable and unclear in the beginning. We dedicate any first step in our work to a commitment and touch base with the present aspect of what is holding you back, or blocking you from moving forward. Any growth process will open up the places where you least want to look. That is your way in, and through. 



Breathe and feel

The route to embodiment

"Create safety within, involve your body, intellect and intuition to balance sensing, doing and being"

The more whole and psychologically healthy we are, the more clear, real and sovereign we are with reality. This means we all have a responsibility to clean up anything that might be clouding our transmission. 

Through attuned listening and inquiry, we are able to meet the body and mind, and move to the essence of what needs attention. This might be different from what the body expresses in breath work.


It is of including the subtle bodily sensations in our awareness and expression which often contain the least interpretation and therefore can surprise us with connections outside of rational analysis.


Cleaning up requires a letting go of outcomes and admitting feelings that challenge our sense of who we are. It involves the willingness to feel the subtleties in our experience and our more challenging emotions. In this practice nothing is fixed, or fixed on a particular outcome but to engage with what wants to emerge from the inside, out.

We combine various methods of focused body orientated breath- work, and deep embodiment and meditation practices that help you clean up - and make it through this transition from a troubled and increasingly complex world – to a collaborative, 

intuitive, curious meeting with reality.

The invitation is to let it be a spontaneous way and practice of breathing, to re-align ourselves with reality. 

Conscious responsivity

Radical self-responsibility

Learn how to be present and autonomous in the world, following your heart's energy and human intelligence. Part of our "showing up" requires an understanding our our individual sovereignty; the capacity to take responsibility. It is the ability to be present to the world and to respond to the world , rather than to be overwhelmed or merely reactive. It teaches us how to be a conscious agent.

A beautiful quality to recognise in others is integrity. When their internal values and external behaviours are in alignment. When we have taking this route to embodiment, “showing up” brings forth the potential that is within you and outside of you in service to the whole.

It is a responsibility to carefully choose who we invite into the sovereign space, to enter the dialogue with both awareness of our own strength and experience, and maintain an openness to what the experiences of others can teach us.

Truth can be found in the felt sense in our body, our connected wisdom – which always leaves room for further inquiry. Nothing is fixed, or fixated on a particular outcome. The invitation is to let it be a spontaneous way of re-aligning ourselves with reality. 

Belonging in a World of Relations

(Open Up)

The bigger vision

We live in an astounding world of relations which we share with our fellow humans—and with nonhuman beings. From the bacterium swimming in your belly to the trees exhaling the breath you breathe, this community of life is our kin—and, for many cultures around the world, being human is based upon this extended sense of relating. To deeply feel that we are all drawing the circle together. In it we welcome old patterns that are being re-activated and repeated and circle with how to deal with it — and potentially heal from it without immediately wanting to change it. Whether conscious of it or not, all members are evolving through numerous things that are related, and have a connection in and out, to a bigger source.

We are the continuation of all before us - and ahead of us in an endless cycle of learning. Thanks to impermanence, we have a chance to transform our inheritance in a new direction. We inter-are with one another and with all life.

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