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Seth Tabatznik - Co-founder of 42 Acres and Be the Earth Foundation

Somerset, UK

"My sessions with Katrien were one of the most delightfully powerful and unique experiences of my life. I enjoyed wonderful creative insights and felt calmly energised beyond anything I’ve previously experienced, and all from just air! I felt well supported and in safe hands, and I’m truly grateful to Katrien and her calm energy for guiding me through an experience that now lives deep inside."

Jessica Brinton - Editor & Cultural Strategist and activist Extinction Rebellion, London, UK

"My session with Katrien was pretty extraordinary. Firstly, who knew that simply breathing in and out in a special way could provoke such a strong response in the human body! Or take a person so deeply into themselves? How lucky it was to take a journey like that with someone as gentle, reassuring and skilled as Katrien. Afterwards, I was pretty amazed, to be honest. Really grateful too, and keen to return. We carry so much with us that we don't need, and what a heavy weight it is. How lucky to be given the chance to let some of it go."


Marcus Tudehope - Programme Manager - United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Afghanistan


"Katrien creates a beautiful space, the method is disarmingly simple, in what felt like very short space of time I experienced a very intense, pleasant tingling in my entire body which grew in intensity as I continued to breathe. After some time we did a number of retentions and I found I was able to hold my breath with no effort at all for an extended period of time. Retaining with full lungs caused the tingling to crescendo into a beautiful feeling in the centre of my forehead. At some point my limbs grew extremely heavy and I lost dexterity in my lips and wasn’t able to talk properly. I felt very calm and also had a surge of sexual energy but in what felt like a deeply meditative state. I didn’t leave the room or my body, it was more the opposite feeling of going deeper into myself. When we finished I felt extremely dazed and woozy like something significant had been released from my system. It’s incredible that breathing alone can induce something like that. Thanks Katrien, hope to cross paths with you again."

Nienke Dijkstra - Speakers Coach at TEDx NL 

"Katrien offers The Breathwork Group Series course that is much more than just breathwork. She shares in-depth content in a nice flow of exercises that challenges on many levels with a great balance between individual experience and group dynamics. I loved the support she and her team offered during the program. With even greater curiosity looking forward to the second edition."

Gaby Jeuken - Expert connector at Fronteer

Amsterdam, NL

"When a friend of mine invited me to take part in the breathwork group series, it instantly appealed to me. I considered it to be an interesting and refreshing way of taking better care of my body, mind and soul - and to better understand the interconnection between those three. The sessions helped me to get in deeper touch with my inner beliefs. Furthermore, they helped me to focus my energy around my most wanted goal in life at that point. I am better able at reflecting my beliefs in my actions, as to ultimately materialize ideas and manifest my goals."

Angela Gallo - Professor in Financial Markets and Institutions

Fisciano, Italy


"I strongly recommend Katrien and her method to those looking to work on their breathing while experiencing self-guided introspection. I decided to meet Katrien because I had a diaphragm blockage and I felt I should learn to breathe again but, as I often happens, the roots of the blockage where deeper. By recognizing that through breathwork, I could so much enjoy the time spent with her practising. I look forward to meeting her again."

Edmund Colville - Director at West Lexham

West Lexham, UK


“I was amazed by my session with Katrien. I had no idea how calming, yet powerful breath work could be. I felt a huge amount of emotional charge leave my body, and I had tingling all over especially up my arms and fingers. It was amazing and I felt transformed afterwards. I highly recommend a session with her!”

Sarah Böttcher - Marketing, PR & Communication at HMKW

Berlin, DE


"I had a beautiful breath work session with Katrien in London. She created a peaceful environment in which I felt safe, and could really let go and release emotional pain in a period of grief. I had been feeling detached from my body and wanted to find a holistic therapeutic approach to help me reconnect with myself. In only one session I felt like many protective layers had come off and old wounds accessed. Katrien helped me find entry points to healing them. It was a profound experience I would recommend her to anyone, and I look forward to another session. Thank you Katrien!"

Joanne Givens - Senior Director at CEB Global 

London, UK

"Prepare to find the extraordinary in the ordinary act of breathing. Katrien took me on a journey that can only be described as sublime. Her authentic presence combined with her intuitive intelligence enabled me to surrender into a deep blissful bubble of pure and utter oneness. Every part of my body synced into the cosmic wave of peace. I experienced beautiful visions and felt the divine touch through Katrien's healing hands as she gently guided my breathing along with my body into a meditative state that I've never experienced before. I emerged refreshed and restored with a renewed sense of faith thatwe are only one breath away from heaven."

Anna Rajtar - Educator for Children with Autism at Stichting Ark Amsterdam, NL

"My heart is filled with gratitude! First and foremost: for not merely sharing this amazing knowledge, but especially for creating such a beautiful way to share it! Every second of being in the group container felt super safe, confronting sometimes, but so gently so, that opening up& discovering what needed to be discovered, was a matter of default mode rather than a task/ challenge. I am grateful to myself that I have come across you, and intuitively participated.. at this particular moment of my life...Change was needed, and this was a pivotal experience/ push I so much needed! It is very interesting and wonderful how the journey influenced my state of agency. I feel empowered to make changes in terms of self care/ improving my life and taking up the new challenge."

Ida Kolader - Founder Plum Blossom Foundation

Amsterdam, NL 


"I initially booked just one session with Katrien but immediately changed it to the package deal after we finished. Katrien is incredibly authentic and intuitive and connected with me on my own level. Her presence made me feel completely sheltered and our weekly sessions and her studio were a safe haven where I was able to finally breathe through very deep rooted blockages. To finally let go and open up. I am incredibly grateful for her guidance. Her breath work sessions were one of the most powerful healing experiences for me and I am looking forward to working with her again. Katrien is very loving, warm, patient, open and professional. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone."

Kashi Carasso - Public health professional

Amsterdam, NL


"Each of my sessions with Katrien are different & unique, a reflection of where I am at that moment… and each time I feel, not just directly after but in the days and weeks following, that something shifts, moves, which makes me feel cleaner and more flowing, and a step closer to whatever or wherever it is I’m moving towards. So, to be continued to my next experience with her! "

Rosa-Evans-Knaup - Actrice / Trainer

Amsterdam, NL

"Wow, what an experience! I felt completely safe in the hands of Katrien. The class had a deep effect on me because of her guidance. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to reconnect with him or her- self. Every breath contains a miracle.”

Gijs Hoefnagels - Organizational Development at Raptim Humanitarian Travel - NL

"The Breathwork Group Series has been an authentic and opening process for me. I experienced a deeper connection with myself and others, more awareness, a deeper relaxation in my body and a calm mind. Katrien does an excellent job in creating a safe environment in which anything is welcome, without prejudice."

Siji Jabar - Copywriter | The English Writer

Amsterdam, NL 


"The first time I met Katrien, her calm, ego-free openness made me realise how accustomed we are (or I was) to the low-level guardedness exhibited by most of us until we feel the new stranger is not a threat. Katrien’s acceptance of vulnerability as a necessary part of our humanity is, I feel, part of what makes her such a natural guide, and it made me feel safe enough to surrender to the process. I’d never attended a breathwork session before, yet I didn’t feel my usual need to read up on the science of what I was signing up for. The experience was revelatory, and impossible to grasp with the mind. I still don’t understand what happened, and I don’t need to. I’ll always be grateful to Katrien for this priceless gift. No doubt, every session will be different, as will everyone’s experience of the process, but that notwithstanding, I would recommend a breathwork session with Katrien to anyone in a heartbeat."

Marcel Wille - Owner of YogaSchool Breda

Breda, NL


"I know Katrien for more then 25 years and I hadn't seen her for like 20 years. I visited her in Amsterdam in May 2016, together with my wife. We both teach yoga classes and work a lot with the breathing. The breathwork with Katrien was a stunning session for me. The way she guided me through the session was amazing, healing and filled with love. It took me back in a level of my subconscious were I felt pure bliss and peace. I would recommend this to every one. With or without any breathwork experience."

Ruth Carasso (70) - Soprano/singing teacher

Amsterdam, NL


"The sessions with Katrien were surprising. As a singing teacher I am familiar with breathing, but this was new to me. I was in places in my body, that felt as a discovery. Katrien’s hands were guiding me, giving me space. Since long I have an injury, that is never “solved”, that I have to live with. But Katrien taught me an exercise, that I can use to relieve the pain when necessary."







David Fuller - Founder of Rebel Wisdom, Journalist & Filmmaker

London, UK

“I have had several breathwork sessions before, but what Katrien offers is something very special. It's beyond just breathwork. She is incredibly intuitive and able to sense exactly where you are at and what you need. She has an exceptionally healing presence, and uses touch and sound

to deepen the journey. The sessions offer a window into your deeper self and allow profound healing and awareness to come through.” 

Saskia van Stein - Director of the International Architecture Biënnale

Rotterdam, NL

"The groupwork of Katrien Franken, founder of Open Up Breathwork have been an enriching experience for me on multiple levels, some of which I even haven’t found words for. Two things I would like to point out. First of all, the safe context and guidance with which one is provided in order to delve deeper into levels of the (subconscious) Self. Secondly, the fact that the group works together over a longer period of time is soothing and somehow liberated me of the singular perspective as others had similar quests / questions."

Frederique Bicker - Psychologist, Amsterdam, NL

"With curiosity and an open mind I decided to book 5 sessions with Katrien on a weekly base, to fully experience the impact of the therapy. I can honestly say it’s been an amazing journey! Fascinating how the body simply takes over and heals on a deeper level. After every session I gained new insights, felt incredibly clear and ready to break through patterns I struggled with for so long. Katrien is not only a brilliant and authentic professional, she’s also a very trustworthy and warm hearted person. I happily return every month for a session to stay ‘open’, and with much pleasure I refer others to Katrien as I belief it’s a great combination alongside psychotherapy."

Niall Mc Guigan - Neurological music therapist, NL

My name is Niall Mc Guigan I work as a music therapist and musician and became interested in breathwork due to unresolved trauma and an interest in body work. Katrien provided a very safe place to process difficult and painful emotions and provided structured and intuitive guidance through some intense experiences. I felt safe throughout and also respected and valued. Very grateful for her assistance and I would highly recommend her to others interested in this work. 

Georgia - Goethe Institut, London, UK

"The 90-minute breathwork class takes you to a point of total relaxation. As I stuck to my own comfortable rhythm of breathing my body began to feel weightless and body and soul felt in balance. Walking out after the session I felt particularly energised by the breathwork. Katrien eases everyone into the experience with utmost sensitivity. Her voice and words make it easy for everyone to sink straight into the experience. She and her team look after each individual very personally and

committedly throughout the session. Altogether an unexpectedly delightful experience which I would recommend to anyone who is keen to find a state of relaxation and well-being that transforms into a sense of physical and mental energy.

Stephen Reid - Director Psychedelic Society, Board member of Greenpeace, London, UK

"My session with Katrien was a fascinating experience, where I entered an altered state with feelings of weightlessness and full-body tingling. Katrien made me feel extremely safe and comfortable throughout and I certainly feel this modality has significant therapeutic potential.

Alison McAulay - Founder of Switch On

London, UK

"I just had an incredible healing session in London with the extra-ordinarily intuitive, Katrien Franken - one of our wisdom teachers. There are no words to sum it up or do it justice. It was a mixture of breath work and massage as she energetically picked up emotions and belief systems that were no longer of service to me. It was a profound and transformative session and I highly recommend getting in to see her. Super grateful, thank you:) x."

Elfried Klarenbeek - Advisor at Aberkyn

Amsterdam, NL


"My session with Katrien was a profound experience. Truly amazing what can happen just by breathing. Under her warm and professional guidance I connected very deeply with my essence. I could welcome a few deep insights that will stay with me and are very helpful pointers on my path. The session ended in a place of total perfection where I could have stayed for hours. Thanks Katrien!"

Walter Elliot-Paice - Entrepreneur

London, UK

"I'm a 37 year old man. My life has probably has had no more drama in it than yours. Yet I know the shadow of experiences in my life have impacted the person I am today. Both in the choices I make and ultimately the sum happiness I have been able to feel, and even love given. I am (was) a hard cynic. A few years ago if someone had told me to go and do breathwork, I would have laughed at/dismissed them. Yet in my search for greater self understanding I came to Open Up and met Katrien. What I experienced during her course was both extraordinary, humbling and deeply profound. If I had any skepticism about the power and impact of this process, it evaporated after my first session. Katrien encapsulates both the professionalism and knowledge of an experienced breathwork practitioner with the warmth of a deeply wonderful person. In so being she provides the ideal guidance for what is a deeply powerful and often very moving subconscious experience. If you've read this far, then perhaps you too are a little like me, searching for personal truths not easily revealed. If this is even partly true then I cannot recommend Katrien's course to you enough. Good luck. W."

Katherine Kalavritinos - Head of Business Innovation/Elsevier

Amsterdam, NL


"Katrien creates a safe space to let go. The techniques she employs are complementary to the gentleness that she embodies. She's committed to breathwork and to deep transformation. In my last session with her, I felt a lightness manifest in my body that I had not felt before. I vomited a massive hairball of a lifelong series of trapped disappointments and emotions. I have immense fortune to have met Katrien and so much gratitude that she is committed to hold my hand along the way; to assist my process so that I can see and feel my own light – and all via just 


Sam Dickson - Founder of City Innovations

London, UK

"Katrien is a talented and wonderful person and an amazing therapist. Her sessions are relaxing and energising, deep yet effortless. She's highly connected and aware with a seemingly innate ability to know where to focus and what to do. I'd recommend breath work with her

in a heart beat."


David van Westerloo - Internist-intensivist at LUMC

Amsterdam, NL


"Never having done any breathwork before my first session with Katrien was a truly fascinating experience. In a beautiful and very relaxed setting in one of the most beautiful buildings in Amsterdam I felt immediately at ease. During the session the warm and supportive guidance of Katrien ensured that the sometimes extraordinary feelings that arose in my body were interesting but not alarming. During the three episodes of breathwork we performed different deep emotional states were encountered and profound relaxation was accomplished. Truly a remarkable, even slightly addictive, experience which I would very much recommend to everyone. I will surely come again.

Christine Finke - Loyalty Advocate

Amsterdam, NL

"Katrien is an incredible, intuitive teacher, and I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to take part in the first Breathwork Series with her. The Breathwork Series was truly transformational. The strides I made in my personal and spiritual development in that short time as a result of Katrien’s guidance, the breathwork, and the sharing we did in groups was remarkable and powerful, and no other practice has had such a profound impact on me, both physically and emotionally. In all of the sessions, Katrien creates a trusting, safe space for her students to open up, get vulnerable, explore the stories they tell themselves, and dive deep into their inner worlds. Under Katrien’s gentle guidance, I felt completely safe to let go and explore my truths. As a result of the Breathwork Series, I feel that I know myself better, I trust myself more, and I’ve made some positive changes in my life that needed to be addressed long ago."

Yvette Schoenmaker - Crimologist

Amsterdam, NL


"I felt very much at ease and sheltered with Katrien, and am impressed with her capability to connect with me at multiple levels. She was very open, loving, patient and able to dig deep in order to find out where certain blockages are rooted for me. A very intense and valuable experience, which is still unfolding for me."

Dai Kurebayashi Williams - Photographer/Artist

Tokyo, Japan

"My breath session with Katrien was one of the deepest, if not the deepest 1 to 1 therapeutic sessions I have ever done. Even though I

was nervous going in, her open and totally present demeanour made unconsciously aware that I was totally safe to let go and trust. The session was perfectly paced and guided in a way that connected me

to my physical and emotional being in totally new ways. I still vividly remember and feel benefits several months later."

Kai Gutzeit - Founder and CEO at INKUBIT Group

Hamburg, Germany

"Since early childhood I've always had problems with feeling and expressing my emotions. Over the decades the blocked and unintegrated emotions led to emotional numbness, self destructive behavior, failing relationships and longer and shorter phases of depression. The 3 hour session with Katrien made me aware that my emotions were still suppressed and wanted to be felt and integrated. Katrien helped me a lot to feel my body again, and my honest authentic emotions. She gave me a lot of trust from the very first moment, compassion and understanding. She made me really aware of the parts inside myself which need to be connected again. I was able to express and feel my emotions fully, and see more clear. I don’t remember releasing so much emotion, from my deepest inside. There is still a lot of work to do but Katrien showed me that it’s definitely possible, and there are no limits."

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