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Collective imaginary for a world to our alive becoming

Dear friends,


Imaginary world is a process of exploration, experimentation, imagination and co-creation for a new world arriving for us to live in. Exercise our social imagination and re-open the possibilities for change. We don't abide by creating maps of meaning, or ideas of reality that function and exist. We look for what can flourish and wants to be discovered when the edges come to the middle where we live. We invite the open-minded as we deeply dive into the quality of it - and enter the transformation we are in. 


Through the single minded,

for the open minded.

This is a 5 week program that focusses on bringing together people around the world, who commit to a series of intertwining practices of remembering, re-inventing themselves to reconfiguring themselves. We try to bridge this in constructive experiential and explorative sessions in body and in mind. When we open curiosity for the new, and bring our presence to places of discovery, we can meet the possibilities beyond limitation. ​​

We will work with each other, with other participants and with allies to recover from our performances of superiority and separation, to open up new senses and response-abilities, to learn how to become available to trust to live in the middle of rapid changing time, with all kinds of uncertainty, confusion,  loss of life, grief, and our own limitations to what the center can hold. To step into a space of curiosity where we breathe, and allow for our collective intelligence to open and emerge. As we imagine, we become clearer about our illusions and demons. 




We invite open minded, brave, curious, heart-led, pioneering doers, thinkers, makers, creators to come together to build new relationships that ignite and initiate real-world experiments. 


Rock Formation






What will we explore?

This process weaves together a mixture of disciplines, bodily knowledges, breath work, inquiry and wisdom to rethink everything we thought we knew. Trickster time! Each "meeting" is an invitation to open, arrive and speak from a "we" space.

1. Inspiration/imagination

2. Conversation/investigation

3. Integration/Orientation

We open the inspiration/imagination space meeting the tensions and quality in the expression of our time. A participatory dance through imagery, sound, words, feelings, questions - imagining our place in the world, partnering with the unknown.

The Conversation/co-creation part happens in small groups where you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to exchange, engage, share and connect with fellow enthusiasts and engage deeper with the content.

The integration/orientation opens to the possibilities for a co-creative field, gathering insight and wisdom through holding multiple perspectives in our witnessing of what is becoming-together.

Power is presence.

What is powerful 

is enjoyable.

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This is not for everyone. The circumstances of your life may not allow for the time to commit to the work it asks. Also Imaginary Worlds is not a course that is closed-ended. It is about being in the encounter with the liminal and part of the Cycle of Learning.

However, this course is for you...

If you find yourself wondering if there are other ways to be alive in the world.

If you long for a place where truth is explored and listened to.

If you grief and look for ways to release

If you have a deep curiosity that is so overwhelming that you're fully open to particpate.

In spaces of discovery we get to see what is revealing and emerging, and honest. We get to explore the quality of connection. Making it regenerative and conscious – through

through a high level of participation and involvement of the known and unknown.

Make your contribution to bring about a new and better world for everyone.



  • 5 sessions. Three hours each. Not recorded, alive in the moment. 

  • Guest facilitators joining the circle.

  • Unique methodologies, such "alive writing" and inquiry.

  • Immersive and adventurous exercises (such as breath work) that will take you out of your comfort zone.

  • Working with a buddy: we require that participants work with an ally as part of their participation.

  • Virtual pods and compassionate fellowshipping with co-travellers.

  • Emergent curriculum: Nothing is fixed or final here. The collective is the more prestigious guru, and the course is flexible enough to listen to your needs and adapt to them.


Guest Facilitator
Katrien Franken - Host
Guest Facilitator
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  • Sessions are held on the following Thursdays at 7:30pm IST (India) | 10am Eastern US | 7am Pacific | 12am AEST (Australia) | 3pm BST (London) | 4pm (Amsterdam)

  • March 2021


  • The course registration price is 100 - 400 EURO for the 5 sessions

  • You may opt for the partial payment plan, which allows you to pay three-fourths of the full amount now (200 EURO), and then the final part before our 4th session.

  • Finally, there are full scholarships available but limited seats for those. The scholarship option invites you to make a payment/donation (based on your financial ability) 

Full Payment
Partial Payment
€200 + €200

Apply for Scholarship

Donation based on your financial ability with minimum of € 150

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Refund / Withdrawal Policy

There’s an inescapable simultaneity involved with all the actors on this course: by offering this platform, we do not only ‘touch’ you, you touch us – and other participants. You will shape the world, simply by showing up, just as much as 'Imaginary World

will shape and mark you. As such, if something does happen along the way – precluding you from continuing our relationship – understand that you cannot be replaced. We don't offer refunds and invite you to consider that the energies you’d have brought with you, as well as the seat you’d occupy (often to the exclusion of other potential participants) represent real stakes. There are few occasions upon which we might provide refunds but it is not guaranteed. 

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