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world to our own making

Dear friends,


Exercise our social imagination and re-open the 

possibilities for change.


Imaginary world is a process of exploration

experimentation, imagination and co-creation

for a new world in the making.


We invite the open-minded, able to transit from knowing to the unknown as we deeply dive into the quality of it - and enter the transformation we are in. 





This program focusses on creating a new landscape of possibilities in society.

  • Power is presence.

  • What is powerful is enjoyable.

  • Through the single minded, for the open minded.

We try to bridge this in constructive experiential and explorative sessions, creating a new landscape in society.

When we open excitement for the new – and bring our presence to places of discovery, we can meet the

possibilities beyond limitation. ​​

  • A community of sovereignty, of possibility and discovery.

  • A co-creative space for imagination. From dreams to reality.

For WHO?

We invite open minded, curious, brave, heart-led, pioneering

doers, thinkers, makers, creators to come together to remap our world and re-imagine our society - to build new relationships collaborate and to initiate real-world experiments.

In spaces of discovery we get to see what is revealing and emerging, and honest. We get to explore the quality of connection. Making it regenerative and conscious – through a high level of participation and involvement of the known and unknown.

Make your contribution to bring about a new and better world for everyone.



Every online meeting has three parts. You are also welcome to join only the first part. Warmly welcome!

1. Inspiration/imagination

We open the inspiration/imagination space meeting the tensions and quality in the expression of our time.

2. Conversation/investigation

The Conversation/co-creation part happens in small groups where you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to exchange, engage, share and connect with fellow enthusiasts and engage deeper with the content.

3. Integration/Investigation

The integration/investigation opens to the possibilities for a co-creative field, gathering insight and wisdom.





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