For breath & bodyworkers


  • Philosophy of Open Up

  • Basic principles of breathing

  • Basic principles of holding space

  • Group work and dynamics

  • Confidentiality and trust

  • Connection and presence

  • Learning by doing

  • Practical skills - and teachings

Welcome to our community!

Open Up is in a constant development and holding workshops, groups and retreats. We are currently opening up more places for assistants to come and join the team. Could this be you?


Assistants will be guided and trained by Katrien Franken within the Open Up philosophy which is of walking the talk, leading by example - grounded presence and of meeting in truth. The assisting role is of helping to hold space, and to engage in a supportive role that helps participants to feel comfortable and safe.


Learning by doing

As a breathwork assistant you will be offered many tools, and will be guided to increase your awareness on the actual process of breathing - the human interaction, 

and the many ways of how to be of service to others. To build a safe container, and generate trust for the container to open and expand.

Breathwork as created by Open Up - and inspired on Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful practice in the crossover between psychotherapy, neuro-science and spirituality. We work with the body - to work with the mind - and our sessions offer a positive challenge to work with what is presenting itself.  


• You live in Amsterdam and/or are prepared to travel to Amsterdam.

• You are between 25-45 years old and have some life experience

• Your are following a Breathwork training - or have completed one, or are a professional bodyworker with huge interest in breathwork, and some experience.
• You are excited about this type of work, and your interest is to work with people.
• You are a non-smoker, and live a healthy lifestyle
• You can communicate your feelings, thoughts and needs responsibly. 
• You are grounded, reliable and stable, able to self source and take care of yourself.
• You are flexible and able to move through both intense and relaxed phases. 
• You are optimistic and curious by nature which is "to question, not to know".
• You are into personal development and have taken part in inner work group processes yourself. 

• You are a team player and enjoy team work. 

• Your interest is to be of service to the Open Up participants and community and build your own experience, confidence while learning, doing and being.

Apply / join

To apply - please send and email to Katrien at: 


Please include

- Your Curriculum Vitae or Bio

- Motivation of what attracts your to this work and why you want to join the team


We look for people to join the current team and energy and we intent to work with people for a longer time. The selection can take time. Thank you for understanding.