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What is Opening Up?

While we find ourselves in this current pandemic in times of great uncertainty, our outlook is bright. As autumn is coming, we look back at a summer with a lot of deep dives, learning in action, and non-profit work to help develop a next step. This includes an on-going process with politicians in an Open Up project, and facilitation for She Leads Change and project development for Life Itself. In the larger network of networks, we want to serve integrity and build connections that make connections with the right attitude. We are inspired by a readiness in our collaborations, with a deep care to open and share wisdom in a wider vision. And yes, you are right, with a B Corporation mindset! We understand that this time of pandemic is a sign of the meta-crisis that requires new capacities of generosity and collective sense-making to find richer, more comprehensive and coherent responses.

Breathwork & Psychedelics

25, 26, 27 September 2020
I'm excited to be speaker and gold sponsor of the ICPR academic conference, and to share my work with leading experts in psychedelic research & therapy, psychiatry, neuroscience, psychology and anthropology on the three days of the conference. I thank founder Joost J. Breeksema for the invitation - and for his dedicated work that aims to bridge and connect academic disciplines and researchers in the field of psychedelic studies, and to facilitate a dialogue between them.

Our connection tot psychedelic is related to the work of Stanislav Grof who is a legendary researcher in transpersonal psychology and non-ordinary states of consciousness, who used to work with LSD in his psychiatric practice. When in the late 1960s LSD was banned he developed with his late wide Christina "Holotropic Breathwork" which combines very simple means - faster breathing, evocative music, and releasing bodywork - to induce similar states, which he called non-ordinary states of consciousness. I will be facilitating breathwork workshops every day during the conference.

Deep Dive

Collective sense-making

How do we improve humanity's wisdom? How do we facilitate the way we individually and collectively make sense of what is important and meaningful? I recently gathered with 20 change-makers at the beautiful island of Ekskäret in the Stockholm archipelago, to deeply dive into practicing discovering our collective intelligence. In the evening we joined around the campfire overlooking the water. Warming up our humanness! Open Up is part of the first group to develop a practice that lives in-between worlds.

I hope to inspire people to shift their minds and hearts, and generate and give access to be and become part of the change we are in. Our work deeply explores what is opening up in the living systems through mutual learning experiences to discover our wisdom in a wider vision.

I am immensely grateful to be working in places and with people where I can serve best and do what I love, in alignment with the core values I want to live by. To create and co-create dynamic spaces for collaborative learning in action, and support and challenge individual and societal change with therapeutic and experiential breath work. With a dedicated team we emphatically empower people to step out of their comfort zones, and explore their inner landscapes and learn how to live a life of more meaning, integrity and beauty.

Forever and always, grateful for the friends along the path.
Katrien Franken.

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