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Open Up was founded in 2015 by Katrien Franken

with a clear focus on changing the approach in health and education in such a way that it can catalyze systems change. With conscious breathwork being a vital and sacred practice, we open up

everywhere. Just like mycelium we operate as a network of networks. We collaborate with people who assemble themselves to become part of the projects we initiate. You can meet them here.




Katrien Franken

 Founder / director of Open Up

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-29 om 10.38_edited.jpg

Paulinho Muzaliwa Josaphat

 Founder of Unidos

 Local partner in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda

Research Contributors

Non-profit research 

Collaboration Disclaimer

Aligned with the principle of Open Up and the mission of our work, we seek integrity in all our collaborations and considered perspectives through the lens of different disciplines. We work non-profit with people to support our philanthropy work. We work independent. We ask of our collaborations to support the project’s central aim to improve the health and development of individuals and society, through practice, experience, education and dialogue: that does not mean they agree with or endorse every perspective we propose, nor does Open Up necessarily agree with the perspectives on issues each of them may have shared in other places.

Similarly, while everyone contributes to
 our non-profit work and is aligned with the mission as a whole, that does not mean each piece represents the view of each team member, nor that the personal posts of collaborators elsewhere online represent the views, work ethics and vision of Open Up. The views expressed in the world are those of Open Up as an organization, or rather, as an organism.

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