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tending to the off track world into what wants to emerge

Discover the power of inquiry
A Psychology of Awakening


Since 2017, Open Up introduces Listen Sessions, a psychological process of engaged inquiry that goes beyond just speaking. It is part of the cornerstones of practices of Open Up to awaken curiosity consciously. It is a deeply powerful and yet not broadly used technique and practice that uses whatever is happening right now as the entry point to unlimited discovery. It asks you to become present to the essence of complexity of what presents itself, and to communicate consciously your truth and inquiry through what is most alive to come alive. The invitation is to staying open not to know, to illuminate the unknown, to reveal the hidden. 


Often when we say something there is an immediate ​response, advice, reaction, interpretation, approval, rejection. The other might also be distracted, half listening, half thinking about something else. Words maintain unspoken and unfelt. A session supports the emerging of awareness about issues which might jeopardise your full expression. It holds space for you to increase perception on the interrelational, where we explore new and unfamiliar options which may offer more information and open the possibilities of deeper insight, clarity of focus, and even personal transformation.


The process builds and weaves on what you discover. Your disowned shadow parts and unhealed trauma can become visible and is given space to heal. Suddenly talking is not merely speaking, but an orientation into ourselves with what is really going on. Through the practice you will enhance your listening capacities, and connection to yourself and others. It is a growth process to become more present, authentic, and real with the world inside and outside of us.

It was challenging and nourishing at the same time to investigate my truth. In the days following I was very aware of emotions rising to the surface.

- Anonymous

The Inquiry sessions are amazingly powerful. I felt much more light, clear and present after. Katrien is excellent at holding presence and of asking questions that shift my thinking into feeling. Highly recommend!

–  Saskia, participant

Katrien creates a safe space where I felt safe and could share everything. I have gained more clarity in what patterns I have in my daily life and how I suppress things or put myself down. And most importantly, I've experienced what it is like to really be myself, connected and being heard. Very grateful! 

– Gijs, participant



What can I expect?

An inquiry session is a facilitated conversation with founder Katrien to descend into an openness and connective presence, to listen into the intelligence that emerges out of "generously getting lost". Katrien is trained as therapist to unlock the deeper hidden patterns within, to hear and see yourself from a wider and wiser perspective.


Working with Katrien is an alive learning journey. You will be introduced in the basic attitudes of self-inquiry. As your self-exploration is guided and becomes orientated, you will recognise that your awareness deepens. You will learn to appreciate the subtleties, the richness of complexity to be with what is most alive to come alive.


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1 hour session

€ 200

excluding 21% VAT 



5 private sessions of one hour


€ 950

excluding 21% VAT 

Organisational Sessions

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Methodology & Approach

Shadow Work (Jungian Approach)

I will help you to identify the parts of yourself that you keep hidden and may reject or deny. When we hide and reject parts of ourselves, they become expressed by our subconscious. Shadow work allows for the unconscious to come into consciousness, welcomed, and accepted as an integral part of your Self. 

Essence Work (Diamond Approach by A.H Almaas)

Utilising “inquiry”, an investigation of your own personal experience to help you come back to your true nature. I use psychological understanding to help understand the twists and turns of the ego structure. This will involve sensing and feeling into the body and being present and aware of what is happening right now.

Engaged & Dynamic 

My approach is dynamic and engaged and of attuned listening to promote self-awareness to support the development of your strengths and inner potential, to help you overcome the obstacles preventing your full self-expression in the world. By helping you identify and strengthen your own inner resources - it will enable you to embark upon the sometimes challenging (and often painful) journey of self-discovery.

Deep listening 

Through being fully present I will support you to navigate your own inner landscape and journey of discovery. This will be aided by guided questions to meet the unspoken, unheard and allow you to find your own path of progress and development and understand you own internal frame of reference.

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