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We empower youth

to become leaders

of change


Our Open Up Project

for refugees in Africa

Since March 2021 we facilitate and offer inner work and breathwork for refugees in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda, and are taking our work into the largest refugee camp in the world. Because we work independent, your donation helps us to further develop educational programs for inner innovation & transformation, and make a fee available for the facilitators. You can help us heal young people from trauma and become a source of inspiration and become catalyzers of change in Nakivale refugee settlement. and beyond. 
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Scientific research on the effects of

Breathwork for mental health & education

Support our breathwork research. Help us reach our goals at the university level and help us build study cases within a growing team of research professionals and students. We focus on health and education where breathwork can support cognition and help decrease anxiety & depression. Secondary we also work on introducing breathwork into psychotherapy since 2019, and facilitate breathwork as therapy in combination with counseling since 2015.


Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Open Up. The accelerating rate of change in the world is exposing a new inequality between those who have the ability to change and adapt, and those who do not. Developing the skills to innovate, evolve, and balance shifting priorities, is more crucial than ever. Our aim is to build possible in exploring new understandings of human healing potential and social transformation. Our projects are in service of our health, development and education. The following are primary areas in which support is most vital: 


We are seeking advisors with deep expertise and integrity on scaling philanthropic projects that focus on social and cultural change and who can offer diverse and novel insights and perspectives, also through the lens of non-western countries.


Capital / Funding

The impact we are able to deliver is in large part dependent upon the support and resources we have to work with. Our exceptional but small team that collaborates with us can only take us so far. Our capital needs to be meaningfully expanded to deliver on the scope of the project’s ambition to scale and develop. Beyond human labour, our expenses are minimal as we have no physical headquarters and do not pay for advertisement or distribution. We believe that both projects serve humanity and cultural change and needs to be supported as a public good. We will receive funding to support and expand our capacity and reach of our vision and work.

Funding institutions 

We are seeking to collaborate and communicate with allied organizations, or non-profit institutions to inform and support this field of exploration and possibilities. If you know people or foundations that might be interested in our projects and able to offer financial support, please introduce us.  

Pro Bono Services

Donations to our projects come in form of services as well that are extremely helpful for the development. These could include: social media, marketing and creation (infographics, audio, video, animations), legal, accounting, recruiting, distribution and PR etc.. If you are aligned with the project and have a service that might be relevant, please reach out.

We won’t accept donations that seek to influence the nature of the projects in any way. 

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