Module 1

For breath & bodyworkers

More info soon.


  • Philosophy of Open Up

  • Basic principles of breathing

  • Basic principles of holding space

  • 1 hour of breathwork as a group

  • Reflecting / Q&A


Welcome to our community!

Since the excistence of Open Up - we've had a lot of requests for a training and are currently developing one - to be launched in 2020. 

The training is following a wider perspective on the deeper inner work that Breathwork opens in the crossover between psychotherapy, neuro-science and spirituality.

Learning by doing


We hold breathwork workshops and group sessions where assistance is required. As our community is growing we are opening up more space for assistants to come and join. 

Holding the space

Assistants will be guided and trained within the Open Up philosophy which is

of walking the talk, leading by example - and of meeting in truth. The 3 hour training is required for all who are interested in moving into assisting at Open Up. The assisting role is of helping to hold space, to be present and supportive in order for the participants to feel comfortable and safe.


For more info about the requirements please send an email to Katrien at: with the subject "Assisting in breathwork".

If you have connected with Katrien already, please sign up. 



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