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Our programs are part of the counterculture, filling in the void, breathing and living at a courageous wild edge of change for our alive becoming. We work with people, in places, in the complexity of our time and feel continuously inspired to explore where the learning lives. Our programs are designed to foster a deeper understanding and connection with the world from an inner learning perspective.


Breathwork Program for Refugees in Africa

Open Up is developing an inner work program for refugees which is launched Q1 2021 to youth fellows in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda; home of more than 100.000 families. The program offers the fundamentals of breathwork & inquiry in a holistic approach to support their healing and inner growth.

We are creating possibilities for refugee youth in Kenya, Tanzania and DR Congo to become part of this program and decentralize education. With more support we aim to expand in all East Africa.


Scientific Research


Open Up is leading a scientific research to turn breathwork into the psychotherapeutic paradigm, and study the therapeutic potential of breath work and psychotherapy as a combined (new) therapy. This research focusses on the increase of well- being, and the decrease of anxiety and depression. 


This project is a co-creation scientific researchers, Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and Hersencentrum.

The Breathwork Group Series a five-week

experiential programme in a closed group,

and exploration of who you are. A process designed to open to life at the core level, and start living it fully.

The Series has successfully completed its 9th sold-out edition and runs since 2017. It offers a dynamic approach in various methods of breathing (inspired on Holotropic Breathwork as created by Stanislav Grof) and a mix of deep psychological work (self-inquiry and shadow work)