Standing in Spaces Part 1 - Window on the World

This post is part of a series that focuses on exploring truth, human relatedness and the interpersonal / relational perspectives from global to local, to the individual. We at Open Up explore how we can come into places of curiosity and discovery of novelty where most of our truth can be freed, and lived and utilized in organizations and society. As such, we create programs that unleash the power of learning through relationship. We work with and through the body, our intelligence and intuition and bring deep conscious connected breathing as a catalyst for change and transformation.

What is happening?

Something old is not working, something new is not coming. A system is broken and we're shattered by the pieces. Pieces of memory with content that we haven't integrated or understood and dealt with. If we consider our memory to be a container of imageries that can shift to a vision when insights open – it's not unhealthy to think that a breakdown of the 'system", can offer a breakthrough where new realities arise. It's stimulated by:

  • Global uncertainty and fear of loss of identity in difficult complexities and realities of pain, and wounding.

  • An intense trauma activation and release of suppressed energy resulting in a severe breakdown in America.

  • A "dying" of systems, within systems, that on many level expresses a longing for a shift and renewal since 2007.

  • The pandemic in the end of a first wave, turning into a wildfire.

What is needed?

"The million memories that flash by us, are part of the release and transformation." Yes, and:

  • Before real change is possible we have to first see, feel and understand what is – as distinct from our familiar version of reality.

  • We need to catalyse transformative innovation understanding that we can't think our way through feeling. Many systems share that understanding the real change manifest itself through energy shifts in the body rather than through talk or intellectual insight alone.

  • Awakening our resilience capacities for sense-making and shadow integration for becoming more whole.

  • We have to work with ourselves as we are. But who are we? Without the lack of a solid definite sense of who we are, or adequate containment, guidance, or context, our reality will become fragmented, and can become nihilated.

What are our options?

Options will either confuse us or bring clarity. It functions as an indicator of our growth.

Our intention is to bring more understanding to the process of transformation and the challenges, the risks, the joy, and wins it offers. Through conscious connected breath work we step fully into an embodied way of processing change, that in itself is creating our options.

The ‘ever-changing reference point’ plays a role in our selection process. Options are alternatives made available, where our reference point will change, and thus creates a new perspective all together. With Open Up we create the context for it. Let's explore them together.

1. We could decide to not rock the boat, not to risk moving forward into the unknown.

The risks are:

  • Old identity patterns will outlive its usefulness.

  • Our identity will become pathological.

  • We hide from our larger possibilities of our being.

  • We choose to turn back from freedom we have glimpsed which weaves more tightly into our cocoon.

2. We can attack or punish ourselves or others, systems, society for the way we have become, and live up to a lofty idea of who we should be.

The troubles are:

  • We will create false ideas and identities about ourselves and will intelligently bypass reality.

  • We avoid the unknown by substituting a new, more "spiritual" identity to mask our true self.

  • We become selective of the reality we want to create, without being part of reality itself.

  • We create a disgenuine path for ourselves without looking at the source.

  • More 'shadow' activation will occur and distrust will open.

3. We can open up to our experience, in facing and working with ourselves as we are.

The challenges are:

  • We need to find out who we are.

  • We might try to make something different.

  • Whatever arises, we can learn to inquiry more deeply into it.

  • We need to develop the capacity to stay present in the midst of the pain, fear and the whole range of experience that we need to go through.

  • We will discover the power of our being.

  • We can start to act on the personality constrictions that have been obscuring, and integrate our shadow.

The work of Open Up focusses on option 3, by working through 1 and 2. We want to build a sophisticated community of integrity, where truth-telling builds on trust. Trust creates safety, and safety allows to go where we need to go. This first needs to be explored closest to 'home' within ourselves, and in connection to each other.

Want to learn how to use these methods to develop emotional capacity in yourself, your organisation or community? Reach out to us at

In Part 2 of Standing in Spaces we will explore:

  • Shadows and Mirrors and a phenomenon that we describe as "Combing the Mirror".

Musing for part 3 are:

  • Our react and response mechanism, and the correspondence with unresolved or uncompleted emotional reflexes, stored in the body.

  • The influence of language, body language, written language, and the unspoken parts in our communication.

  • The people, practices and places from which we receive our information from, and resource ourselves through.

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