Collective Inquiry




Our 'definition' of 'TRUST" is 'A felt sense of absolute interconnection in the great chain of being'. It is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Something bigger than ourselves. We chose to rely upon the idea that if and when we are able to surrender to IT, that it allows us to flourish. We believe that on a deeper level - life takes care of life. This does not mean letting life pass us by passively, but rather becoming curious about what is holding us back. Trust is hard to define, but we do know when it's lost. The absence of trust can cause fragmentation, conflict and even war, where we go into different modes of understanding. What does trust mean in connection to ourselves, each other and in society.

These inquiries are designed by Open Up as an invitation to have a Conversation together. To create places for the exchange of honest perspectives and explore how we can come into community of curiosity and novelty.

What is TRUST to you?

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