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Inspirational online experiences in response to the now.

Breathing, Connection, Community and Consciousness


Get Ready!

It has never been as important as now to keep ourselves connected - and learn ways how to find our state of calm and to strengthen our ability to self-regulate our inner state. 

Explore the power of breathing in a simple and effective way. In this series of breathwork sessions will be focused on connecting you into this present moment. and will practice a full diaphragmatic way of breathing to wake up the body and energise the mind and come into flow. As we breathe and relax into what’s arising, we create an opportunity to embrace all aspects of self. It is through surrendering resistance (ego) that we make space for love and appreciation for the present moment. Together, in the comfort of your own home, we will open a powerful practice. We will enjoy your input to email us with requests for various themes that we can open to in body, mind, heart and soul. 


  • We will start with an introduction followed by some movement or mediation to warm up. 

  • What to expect before we get started, find out.

  • Breathe: be guided through a rounds of intense connected breathing with breath retentions.

  • Meditate: we will conclude with a meditation to digest your experience, sitting or laying down

  • Close: you are welcome for short sharing or to ask questions until our time expires. 

How to Prepare

  • Make sure your environment is as quiet/private as it can be, to be undisturbed and free. Switch off your phone.

  • If you join us on laptop, close other applications (email etc.)

  • Have space to move, a yoga mat with a blanket for lying down and a comfortable place to sit in front of the screen. 

  • Wear warm, comfortable clothes and warm socks.

  • Be free of wearing belts or heavy jewellery.

  • You might need tissues, a blanket and a drink of water. 

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

  • Eat light in the 2 hours before our session.

  • Tap in about 5 mins before the start time to settle in. 

  • Plan some free time after our session to further digest and integrate your experience.

  • Please read the Contra-indications before joining to check if it is right for you. For any questions, please reach out.

How to Resource & Integrate

A resource can be inside and outside of you, or both. It can be anything or anyone that supports your sense of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. ​By connecting with it, you can create your own sense of safety during and after a session. By slowing down your breathing and by bringing your awareness to your resource, you can balance the nervous system and build resilience. Instead of escaping your feelings, a resource helps you to feel your feelings, and not be overwhelmed by it. 


​Internal resources may be: a place in your body where you feel most connected with in a good way. Your belly, hands, heart..

External resources may be: a place or situation, a friend, nature

a memory, a good conversation, a pet, music, exercise...
Find your own - start to discover them in your life.


For integration support we have created an Aftercare Document. Download it here




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I have no internet connection, can I join via phone? Yes. Zoom Instructions

Audio Control: 

Please mute your microphone during meditation and unmute before you wish to speak. To do this, click on the icon

found in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen. The image of a micphone with a slash indicates mute.

Other Controls

• Start/Stop Video (bottom left)

• Enter Full Screen Click (top right)

• Participants: allows attendees to see who else is present

• Gallery view vs Speaker view 

Note: Please do not click 'Share screen'

"In this current environment it feels more important than ever to invest in my healing and wellness. To feel connected, creative and inspired in spite of less physical contact with loved ones. So today I experienced my first online Open Up session with Katrien, after three years of working with her in-person. And it still worked - it brought me into my heart, back to the essence, connected to that energy source that is my fuel and supports me with everything in my life, personally and professionally. It’s beautiful to continue this journey with all the challenges going on, and great to see Open Up and Katrien still being able to offer her work. Thank you for the inventive way of changing the routine.. It worked out magical for us both."

Joost van Pelt (Senior Sales Director Nike Sportswear EMEA)


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