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    Darkness Meditation at Soho House

    Postponed due to Covid-19

    This exceptional meditation connects us with darkness as a practice to awaken, transform and heal. With facilitated preparation we will look into the blackness where without visual stimuli the mind and soul can wander. This process releases fear of the unknown, and invites us to look and listen into our own world and being. For Soho House members only.

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    Breathwork at Soho House

    Postponed due to Covid-19

    Especially for Soho House Amsterdam we create monthly Open Up experiences for members to bring context and a deeper understanding and relation to ourselves and in relation to others and in the world. Our sessions create deep impact on how to open, and maintain present with oneself - and ultimately in the world. For Soho House members only.

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    The Breathwork Group Series is a unique five-week program which offers the groundwork for true inner change. Open your truth with sovereignty, curiosity and care. The Series addresses your connection to body, intellect and intuition and involves breathwork, inquiry, and a powerful mix of psychological practices. Location: Amsterdam

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    Breathwork Weekend Intensive

    Postponed due to COVID-19 until 2021

    The 3 day weekend intensives take place in a beautiful nature set to fully immerse yourself in the power of breath in a group of max 12 people. While nourishing the body, we explore the essentials of what it means to be alive, and what is holding us back. The weekend is suitable for anyone who wants to make a real change in their lives. Facilitation by Katrien Franken and stellar team.


    Deep Breath

    Postponed due to COVID-19

    The DEEP BREATH sessions build awareness around the deeper potential and meaning of breathwork in the vision of Open Up. Each month we create an oasis of space

    amidst the Amsterdam hustle to open to flow and coherence, release stress and meet ourselves in the Cycle of Learning. 

"Katrien creates a beautiful space, the method is disarmingly simple, in what felt like very short space of time I experienced a very intense, pleasant tingling in my entire body which grew in intensity as I continued to breathe. After some time we did a number of retentions and I found I was able to hold my breath with no effort at all for an extended period of time. I didn’t leave the room or my body, it was more the opposite feeling of going deeper into myself. When we finished  I felt like something significant had been released from my system. Thanks Katrien, hope to cross paths with you again."

 –  Marcus Tudehope - Programme Manager • United Nations, Afghanistan

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