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Breathing Together

Explore the power of breathing in a simple and effective way. 


Breathing is a basic, instinctive act that is both voluntary and involuntary. It happens whether we think about it or not - but it can be controlled. It influences every part of our mental and physical state. So if we begin to do it more consciously, we can access deeper parts of ourselves.

In the online sessions we will use a full diaphragmatic way of breathing, done in a circular way to wake up the body and energise the mind and come into flow. As we breathe and relax into what’s arising, we create an opportunity to embrace all aspects of self. It is through surrendering resistance (ego) that we make space for love and appreciation for the present moment. All it takes is your commitment to breathe.


Joining via Zoom 

A link to join the online class will be sent upon booking.

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